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In this advancing world we are in now, where everywhere and anywhere health hazards are present, it is no wonder people easily gets ill and most often than not, leading to serious diseases. One of the most common of these is the exposure to oxidative stresses. These results to causing various diseases with symptoms ranging from muscle pain, joint pain and back pain.

OsteopathyAlthough there are a number of ways to treat various diseases, one of the several means in the field of medicine is the practice of Osteopathy. It is simply the detection, treatment and prevention of diseases by means of physical manipulation of the parts of the body. This includes stretching and massaging the body, arms, and legs to increase the mobility of the joints, relieves the tension of the muscles and enhances blood flow and overall immunity and its ability to self-heal.

Some of the conditions where osteopathy is helpful are in cases of back pain, joints, hips and shoulder pains, headaches, migraine and period pain. This is also beneficial in sports injury.

For many individuals, osteopathy is yet discomforting and they even experience pain. But when they get to use to this method of therapy, they will sure to feel ease and satisfaction of the method of treatment.

The Relationship Between Chiropractic Care and Migraine Headaches

If you suffer from migraines, you know that these painful episodes are much more than just your ordinary run of the mill headache. A migraine is a very intense episode which is accompanied with a number of symptoms including throbbing pain, seeing stars, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, irritability, tingling sensations and sensitivity to light, noise and movement. Also after the headache is over many people also experience sleepiness, neck pain and a feeling of being mentally “dull” or incoherent for quite some time.

Researchers are not sure exactly what causes these painful and severe migraine headaches, but they are certain that it has something to do with changes in blood flow to the brain. There seems to be a genetic link to migraine headaches and more than half of people who suffer from migraines have a family member who also suffers from them.

There are many different treatments to prevent migraines and relieve the suffering from them, including herbs, supplements, natural migraine medications and acupuncture. However, one of the most effective and natural treatments that has been discovered is chiropractic adjustment.

Many clinical trials have found that spinal manipulation from a skilled chiropractor can help to treat migraine headaches. In one of these studies, 22% of people who had received chiropractic manipulation reported more than a 90% reduction of migraine attacks. Also, another 49% reported that there was a significant reduction in the intensity of their migraine attacks. In a different study, it was found that spinal manipulation worked as well as the medication Elavil to reduce migraines. Of course, spinal manipulation doesn’t have the side effects that medication has.

Why Does Chiropractic Treatment Help for Migraines?

Many recent studies have linked headache pain to nerve irritation. One study, which was conducted by the University of Maryland, has found a connection between muscle tension at the base of the neck and more frequent headaches. This is because the tension in the muscles will have an effect on the sensitive fibres at the base of the neck – which are connected to the brain and the spinal cord.

There has also been another study which has found that the majority of headache sufferers have misaligned spinal vertebrae in their neck. This placed pressure on the spinal nerves, which made it more likely for them to have a headache. The spinal pressure can be an ongoing problem, which can cause the patient suffering and discomfort for many years. However, misaligned spinal vertebrae can be treated and fixed, under the care of an experienced chiropractic doctor.

What the Chiropractic Treatment Does

When you consult a chiropractor to treat your migraine headaches, they will help you by removing the pressure on your nerves that is caused by spinal misalignment. Also, they will help to reduce the tension in your neck muscles which will minimize your nerve pressure. The chiropractor will gently adjust the vertebrae in your neck so that none of the nerves are blocked.

Many people have spinal problems in their neck without even realizing what the problem is. These problems can occur during the birth process or they can develop as your body matures and grows. Also, certain incidents such as motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, falls or bad posture can contribute to these spinal problems. These spinal problems could be causing you a lot of issues, not just headaches. A chiropractic treatment can have a number of positive benefits for the patient, including improved posture, less muscle tension, improved nervous system function, reduce blood pressure and make it easier to sleep.

It is recommended that you talk to your chiropractor about a treatment plan that can help to relieve your migraine headaches. A chiropractor might also offer you nutritional advice, such as recommending a change in your diet and offering you some tips on vitamins and supplements that will help to relieve your symptoms. They might also offer you some advice on the ergonomics of your work posture, relaxation techniques, exercises and much more. With the combination of this advice and support from your chiropractor, you will be able to decrease your risk of a migraine headache appearing and reduce the severity of the headache if it does occur.

About the author

John Holmes is passionate about healthcare and has worked in the chiropractic industry for many years. He used to suffer from migraine headaches, but has found that regular chiropractic treatments have been very useful in reducing their frequency and severity.

Run for Juan 2013: Am I Ready?

The annual fun run event of the medical society, the Run for Juan, will be held this coming February 24, 2013 which was first scheduled on January 2013. Anyways, in as much as I wanted to join fun run events, not just the coming Run for Juan but also other running events, one thing which always bothers me much is that — if am I ready to run a kilometer or more.

Fun run, as its name implies, supposed to be a fun running event which aims not just for fitness but for ‘a cause’ (it may seemed). But in my case, I may think and foresee it not a fun event anymore because of my health status right now. I am not claiming I am sick, I wanted to. But my migraine is somehow killing me to death, slowly. It’s like something is physically squeezing my head that my brains gonna splatter out. Can you imagine how rude migraine attacks?

Yes! Migraine, as what I always been mentioning since then, is not a just an ordinary headache but the one that keeps every patient to lie on bed, do nothing, but rest, eat well and wait until the migraine subsides. What makes it worse, for me, is that my history of vertigo aggrevates my headache. It seems like everything around me are spinning.

How then would a run be fun when you are suffering all these?