Radiation Effects to the Body

Many people today are switching from wired headsets to Bluetooth headphones. A Bluetooth headset has a high bandwidth and uses wireless technology to transmit voice and sound signals over short distances. The fact that Bluetooth headsets emit radiation is a growing concern for many users. However, you can use a body voltage meter to detect the amount of radiation emitted by your devices.

Cellphone Radiation EffectsStudies show that the headsets emit lower levels of radiation than that of cellphones. The amount of radiation emitted by Bluetooth headsets is about 70 percent less than that emitted by cellphones. However, the absorption of more than 1.6 watts per kilogram of radiation from electromagnetic devices is considered dangerous. While Bluetooth headsets emit about 0.001 watts per kilogram, cell phones emit 0.25 watts per kilogram.

Research indicates that most of the radiation from electromagnetic devices including cellphones is absorbed through the cheek area and not the brain. Since many people who use Bluetooth headphones keep their cellphones in their pockets or bags, they reduce the effect of the radiation.

Infrared light is not always harmful because it produces enough energy to keep molecules moving and not to disintegrate. The only effect of absorbing IR waves is that the individual feels warmer. However, infrared has been proven dangerous in certain rare cases.

Electromagnetic Radiation
This form of energy moves through space and has different frequencies. The low frequencies include radio waves while the high ones include x-rays. Brief exposure to higher frequencies such as x-rays is dangerous because they have more energy than radio waves. There are also wavelengths that are detected by our eyes with a color spectrum that varies in color from violet to red.

Infrared Radiation
This form of radiation is not within the visible part of the light spectrum. Despite the fact that the radiation is invisible, the energy levels of infrared radiation correspond to the power level required to start the movement of molecules. Therefore IR light has less energy compared to visible light. Simply put it does not have enough power to affect bodily functions, organs, or tissues.

Safety Hazards of Infrared
Because infrared radiation only gets molecules moving, additional levels of radiation can cause significant burns to exposed parts of the body. In most cases, the burn occurs with prolonged exposure. The burn can be similar to that experienced when you come in contact with a hot pan.

Laser Hazards
IR radiation can be instantly dangerous if its source is a laser pointer. IR light from a laser pointer is invisible. This makes it more dangerous to the eyes because it does not initiate the blinking reflex making exposure quite harmful.


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The Invisalign Process

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and not been happy with the look of your teeth, then consider Invisalign treatment. There are Invisalign Missouri dental offices that can quickly give you the details of the procedure and create the aligners that are placed in the mouth.

When you enter the office, you will have x-rays taken of the teeth and a consultation with the dentist to determine the best method of treatment. The dentist will be able to come up with an estimate as to how long you will need to wear the aligners in order for the teeth to be straight. This is the time when you need to ask questions about the treatment and some of the things that you can, and can’t, do while wearing the aligners.


Invisalign. Image from mateerortho.com

The dentist will create a plan that is customized for your. A 3-D image might be used to look at the best way to develop the aligners. A mapped plan of how the teeth will likely move will be discussed. Once the image is complete, the dentist will be able to show you what the teeth will look like after the treatment is complete. Most treatments take about a year to get the results that you desire.

A series of aligners will be made that is customized for your teeth. The aligners are made of a smooth plastic and are easy to fit in the mouth. You will likely go back to the office every few weeks to get a new aligner placed in the mouth. This is usually plenty of time to see some kind of movement with the teeth. A benefit of the aligners is that they won’t irritate the gums or the cheeks like traditional braces. They can be removed so that you can clean the teeth and eat some of the foods that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy while wearing traditional braces. All you need to do is wear the aligners during the day and most of the time at night. The teeth will begin to shift with each set of aligners that is placed in the mouth.

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Opioid Addiction Management

Today many people are struggling with addictions to intoxicants of all kinds, and right now the addiction to opioid narcotics is reaching a crisis level in communities all over the United States. The situation is becoming truly alarming, as people of all ages are succumbing to the effects of addiction, sometimes with fatal consequences. Just this year we have seen many public figures, (including the iconic rock musician Prince) lose the battle with the addiction to opioid narcotics. The medical community is on high alert as many people are looking for answers to how to solve this ongoing crisis.

Strategies For Battling Addiction

What’s known now is that getting over a substance abuse problem alone is a very difficult challenge, which is why there are now many high quality detox centers, like www.coastaldetox.com, dedicated to helping people recover from addiction. Today one of the medications recommended for detox treatment is Suboxone, which is used to help addicted people taper off from opioid addiction. With treatment, patients can stop using opioids and eventually quit Suboxone for good, once they are fully off opioids and in recovery.

Opioid Addiction ManagementImage from thefix.com

Why Suboxone?

Suboxone is often used in drug detox treatment because, although it is an opiod, it can help reduce the symptoms of drug withdrawal without the serious side effects brought on by an opiate drug. Suboxone is often used in place of heroin or Vicodin to generally taper the patient off of the other drugs. Used responsibly it can reduce the cravings for the other drugs and help addicted patients stay away from drugs and stay sober for a longer period of time.

Suboxone does has some side effects, however, including vomiting, stomach aches, headaches, insomnia and other flu-like symptoms. It’s important that this drug be used in a clinical setting and administered only by trained medical professionals.

Patients who are being treated with Suboxone usually follow an ongoing regimen that includes taking the medicine every day in a controlled setting, receiving only small quantities of the medication from a pharmacy (to guard against overuse) and having a third party monitor the patient’s Suboxone intake.

Using Suboxone Responsibly

There’s no question that Suboxone must be used responsibly by patients. Like any other opiod medication, however, this drug can also become addictive, which is why those close to the person using it must be on the watch for signs of addiction. People who become hooked on Suboxone will show certain signs of addiction, including: changes in behavior, lying about drug use and stealing medicine. At all times, compassion for addicts it the key to truly helping them heal and move on from their problem.

Can a Person Actually Overdose On Suboxone?

While it is much more difficult to overdose on Suboxone than from other opiod medicines, it is still possible, especially if it is combined with other drugs or with alcohol. The symptoms of an overdose on Suboxone include: Problems with vision, lack of coordination, slow breathing, loss of consciousness, slurred speech, difficulty with reflexes and extreme drowsiness. Anyone who has these symptoms after using Suboxone should seek medical help immediately.

Recovering From Suboxone Dependency

There is a huge irony in the fact that many people do become addicted to Suboxone, even as they use it in an attempt to get off stronger opiod drugs. A person who becomes addicted, however, should get medical help so they can slowly detox from the drug and become sober in a safe manner.

After a slow period of withdrawal under medical supervision, the detoxed patient should then go through a period of rehabilitation to deal with the reasons behind their addiction. The rehabilitation will involve therapy, either individually or in a group setting, to deal with the issues involved in the addiction and to also prepare for life without the crutch of drug use. After the rehab is over, the patient should also connect with an outside group for ongoing counseling and support. The important thing is to heal and to stay strong so the addiction issues do not resurface.

When it’s time to deal with the real issues behind an addiction, it’s time to seek help. Contact www.Coastaldetox.com for more information today.

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