Overcoming Alcoholism: A Brief Overview

In this contemporary era, many people find themselves addicted to alcohol. However, many of these individuals are interested in overcoming their addiction and leading a life of sobriety. If this is the case for you, now is the time to begin the recovery process so you can lead a healthy life. To get started on the right foot, implement the following recovery strategies right now:

1. Seek Professional Treatment.

One of the most important steps you can take to end your addiction to alcohol is enrollment in a professional drug treatment center. This step is imperative because attempting to cease alcohol addiction on your own can have deadly consequences. For example, the detoxification process can generate a wide range of unexpected, painful withdrawal symptoms that the general populace doesn’t know how to deal with. Since this is so, you should tap into valuable resources such as Drug Treatment Finder Center. The professionals of this company can provide you with insights, instructions, and assistance that helps you locate the alcohol recovery center that is ideal for you. While there, you’ll attain a wide range of treatment services that optimize your potential for permanent recovery. Some of them include detoxification, one-on-one counseling, and mentorship.

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2. Expand Your Knowledge Of Alcohol Addiction.

In addition to finding an alcohol treatment recovery center, make sure that you take the time to learn as much as you can about the condition. Doing so will help you optimize and accelerate your addiction recovery process. There are a wide range of information-packed articles you can read online, including “What is the Florida Model of Drug Treatment?” and “Alcohol is a Drug.”

3. Optimize Your Mental Power.

If you’re serious about optimizing your alcohol recovery process and leading a life of profound health, be sure to tap into your mental power. You can use your mind to accomplish any goal you set, including the objective of putting alcohol dependence in the past. There are several ways that you can optimize your mental power to accomplish this objective, and one of them is by meditating regularly. The health benefits of meditation are diverse, and some of them include improved immunity, better sleep, enhanced memory, and better cognitive functioning. There are numerous forms of meditation you can utilize to start reaping these benefits, and one includes calmly repeating a positive phrase inside yourself. Some examples include “I am healthy,” “I am alive,” and “Peace, love, and joy.” When you get into the practice of adopting this positive mindset on a regular basis through consistent meditation, you will develop the positive mindset necessary to overcome alcohol addiction and live in a healthy, happy manner.

4. Enhance Your Diet.

Another strategy you can employ to overcome drug addiction and enhance your potential for healthy living is optimizing your diet. Unfortunately, research shows that the majority of Americans do not consume a diet that is rich in the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for the body to thrive. However, you don’t have to be a part of this cultural norm. To aid your body in recovery from the degenerative work of substance abuse, be sure to begin incorporating a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. You can also use online resources such as www.cronometer.com to track your daily caloric and macronutrient/micronutrient intake.

5. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

One final step you can take to optimize your addiction recovery process is exercise. Alcohol addiction plays an integral role in detracting from the body’s ability to function optimally. However, exercise can aid the recovery of the physiological system to ensure that you regain total health in your cells, tissues, and organs. There are a wide range of physical activities you can engage in to accelerate this process. Some of them include:

-mountain climbing
-step aerobics

Don’t Delay: Overcome Alcohol Addiction Today

If you are currently addicted to alcohol and know it’s time to turn your life around, don’t delay the process. Instead, commit to implementing the behavioral changes that will empower you to lead the life of holistic wholeness you deserve and desire. To get yourself on the path to recovery right now, implement the five health strategies outlined above. By seeking professional treatment, expanding your knowledge of alcohol addiction, optimizing your mental power, enhancing your diet, and exercising regularly, you will likely find that you are able to overcome your addiction!

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Home Health Care Services

There are numerous benefits related to home health care services.Home Health Care Services The most obvious advantage offered by companies such as At Home Care Staffing is the delivery of care services in the familiar and comfortable home environment individuals are accustomed to. Aging and home bound individuals maintain a sense of security and dignity by staying in their own homes.

Medical necessity guidelines by insurance companies and government agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid are shortening length of stays in hospitals and other medical facilities. The transition period following acute medical care to home is a high-risk time for readmission to the hospital. Professional and dependable home health care is an excellent choice for extra support for patient recovering from illness, injury or surgical procedures.

There are numerous infections which can be acquired from medical facilities. Healthcare professionals use various types of invasive equipment to treat patients. These devices too frequently carry bacteria, viruses or other germs. Bloodstream, urinary tract, clostridium difficile are commonly acquired infections. Home care reduces exposure to this danger.

Home care agencies offer assistance with medication reminders for seniors. “The Journal of the American Medical Association” reports that close to 20 percent of elders living within the community 65 years or older take 10 or more medications. Medication routines are often complex and individuals with cognitive impairments such as dementia are at a high-risk for complications. Patients with a chronic condition such as cardiovascular disease who do not take medications as directed to control their blood pressure may eventually experience a stroke or kidney failure according to the American Heart Association.

Respite home care services provide primary caregivers with a break from the heavy demands of caring for their loved ones. This is a short-term hiatus from the daily routine, challenges and stress of caring for an aging adult. Many home care agencies offer this option as part of their services.

Home care services provide loved ones separated by distance with security and peace of mind that the senior they care about is being provided with personalized attention. This is a welcome relief under these circumstances. Home care services can also be used as a supplemental service to assist family and friends with the many demands associated with caring for the aging and home bound. Click here to read more about specific services offered by a reputable local home health agency.

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The morning after pill: A safe back up to regular contraception

Emergency Contraception (EC) involves birth control methods that can be used after sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy. Often called “The morning-after pill”, the intention is to disrupt or delay ovulation or fertilisation, which is necessary for conception to occur. This form of medication is not to be confused with abortion pills, as the ovulation process is delayed, so nothing is aborted. No contraceptive can be 100% effective, and the morning-after pill should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex has occurred.

Types of morning-after pill

There are two main brands of emergency contraception pill. They are EllaOne and Levonelle. The most popular is Levonelle, which must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Its effectiveness decreases over time with approximate percentages as follows,

  • 95% effective if taken within 12 hours of unprotected sex
  • 85% effective if taken between 12 – 24 hours after unprotected sex
  • 75% effective if taken within 24 – 48 hours of unprotected sex
  • 58% effective if taken between 48 – 72 hours of unprotected sex

Morning After Pill

EllaOne has a longer effectivity window, and can be taken up to 120 hours after unprotected sex, although to increase the chances of success, it should be taken as soon as possible. A reputable online pharmacy such as Lloyds Pharmacy can shed light on this. EllaOne should be taken as a single tablet, and has a 95% effectiveness throughout the 5-day window. It can only be taken once during the same menstrual cycle, and has been known to disrupt regular contraception.

Side effects

Side effects are uncommon but could include,

  • Irregular bleeding
  • Severe headaches
  • Stomach pains

EllaOne (ulipristal acetate) works over a much longer period than Levonelle, yet they are both equally effective during the first 12 hours after unprotected sex.

Important points to remember

There are a number of factors that can either weaken, or inhibit the drug’s action. They are,

  • Vomiting – The morning after pill is known to cause nausea, and if you vomit before the active ingredients have been absorbed into your body, the pill will not work. If this happens, you should consult a doctor who can advise you as to whether you should take another dose.
  • High Body Mass Index (BMI) – According to research, a high BMI may affect the performance of the morning-after pill. EllaOne is more effective for treating a woman with high BMI.
  • Other medication – The morning-after pill should not be taken if you are taking certain medications. You should advise your doctor about any medications you are currently using before taking the morning-after pill.

Existing health issues

You should not take the morning-after pill if you have the following conditions,

  • Liver disease
  • Stomach problems that may affect digestion
  • Certain allergies or hormone deficiencies

The morning-after pill is an emergency form of contraception, and should not be used as a main form of contraception. Should you need to take this type of medication, time is of the essence, so contact a reputable online pharmacy that can quickly prescribe the right type of pill for you.

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