What is X-ray Diffraction?

X-ray diffraction is a process used by companies who are looking for answers to specific questions about a material. The process scatters x-ray radiation in order to allow for pattern analysis which helps identify the materials present in a sample. It helps to determine what the structure for certain molecules look like. There are a number of industries that rely on x-ray diffraction in order to determine whether a new material exists.

What Industries Use X-Ray Diffraction?

X-ray diffraction can be used in a number of different applications and industries, such as in the pharmacological industry. When creating new medications, it is important to be able to identify different molecular structures in order to identify specific compounds.

In addition, companies who need specific information regarding the geologic conditions of their environment or metallurgic companies also rely on x-ray diffraction. And there are others.

What services are available with x-ray diffraction?

For companies who rely on x-ray diffraction services, there are a number of different services available. For example, x-ray diffraction services can help to determine what phase a solid or slurry is currently and what phases the material has been through. This process helps to identify the molecules present as well as their structure. In addition, the analysis process can help to identify all of the phases and in what quantities as well as what portion has been crystallized and which portions remain amorphous. This list is far from exhaustive.

X-ray diffraction has many uses within many industries that deal with materials on a more basic, molecular level and can provide valuable insight into whether a material is new and patentable or is comprised of a number of known materials. These analyses are critical to the development of new drugs as well as the identification of newly discovered rocks and metals.

X-ray diffraction is a service that requires highly specialized equipment and skills in order to perform the analysis. This makes finding an x-ray diffraction service for hire a more viable solution than bringing these elements into a company to perform the services in-house. Learn more about these valuable analyses services and how they might be able to help your firm today.

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Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease With Nutrition

Although it is clear that there is a genetic element to Alzheimer’s disease, there are certain non-genetic risk factors associated with developing this disease. One area of risk seems to be with a person’s diet. What is happening inside the brain seems to be related, to a certain extent, with a person’s diet. Some researchers have concluded that the same diet that helps to keep your heart healthy, will also keep your brain healthy too.

A good diet to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease
Although there are no guarantees that any diet will prevent any disease from afflicting an individual, it would seem that a diet that is low in fat and rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will help both the heart and brain. This type of diet helps to prevent a build-up of plaque in the heart and arteries, but does the same for the brain.

Fresh produce contains antioxidants
Many fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that absorb free radicals that cause cell damage. Hence, they prevent many cells from dying. Since this includes brain cells, a diet rich in fresh produce will help fight off Alzheimer’s disease. The key to getting the most out of fruits and vegetables is to eat a variety of them as well as eight or more servings each day.

What causes Alzheimer’s is still a mystery, but there is ongoing research with new discoveries happening frequently. One example of leading edge research into Alzheimer’s and nutrition is being done by Bruce Semon, M.D., Ph.D. at the Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition.

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Working with a Medical Consultant

Consultants are experts who can help you open a new medical office or expand your current office. There are millions of clinics and office across the country, and you likely face some competition from other medical offices in your own area. Working with a professional consultant is one of the best ways to ensure you meet the needs of your patients.

Safety and Education

How safe if your medical office? Your workers might know how to dispose of needles and hazardous materials, what to do when a patient behaves in a threatening manner and how to handle other situations. They might not know what to do when an epidemic sweeps the office or a patient pulls a gun. A consultant can go over safety basics with your team and educate them in various ways as well. Education ensures that every person working in your facility can handle emergency situations.

Market Research

Do you know exactly what your patients want and how they feel about your office? You might not have any idea about the reputation of your office until you work with a consultant. That constantly can conduct market research to discover what the public reputation of your office is and what you can do to change it. You’ll also learn more about what your patients want from you and what you can give them. Click here to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional medical consultant and what a consultant can do for your office.

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