Removing Tattoos

A tattoo doesn’t always have to remain on the skin forever. There are laser treatments that can be done in order to remove the tattoo. These lasers have a multitude of other uses as well that are beneficial to the body. They can be used for skin rejuvenation as well as the removal of pigmented lesions.

When using a laser such as this, it only takes a few seconds to penetrate the skin and the tissue so that the tattoo is quickly removed. If you use the laser for other treatments, the same time frame will apply, decreasing the time it takes to recover from using the laser. Many of the particles in tattoo removal are broken into small pieces that are absorbed by the skin and muscle, making this a safe procedure. If you work in a doctor’s office or tattoo facility that deals in the removal of tattoos, then this is an option as it doesn’t take up a lot of room, and it’s a quiet machine to operate. You can order today for the best selection. There are various pulse widths on the machine depending on how dark the tattoo is and the size of the tattoo. Results are usually seen in a short amount of time.

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Does Being Obese Make It Harder for a Woman to Conceive?

Pregnancy is the most natural thing in the world, but for some women, conceiving is a real challenge. There are lots of reasons why a woman might be finding it difficult to get pregnant, but if she is overweight or obese, her fertility levels are likely to be lower.

Body Mass Index is used as a general guide to assess whether a woman is overweight or obese. A BMI score of more than 25 is classed as overweight. A woman with a score of 30+ is classed as obese.

BMI and Fertility

Research carried out in the Netherlands has shown that obesity is a barrier to fertility. The study found that normal women with no fertility problems were less likely to fall pregnant if they were significantly overweight. The more overweight the women were, the less likely they were to become pregnant, which shows a clear link between obesity and infertility. If an underlying fertility issue is identified, in vitro fertilisation is an option, although some clinics will recommend that an obese woman loses some weight before she starts fertility treatment.

Body Fat Issues

Being obese is not the whole story. The location of body fat also plays a significant role in fertility and women who are apple shaped will find it harder to conceive.

Obesity and Pregnancy Complications

Aside from the fact that obese women will find it harder to conceive, pregnancy is riskier for obese women. The two main problems associated with being overweight during pregnancy are gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, both of which can be dangerous for a woman and her unborn baby. Both conditions can be controlled, but losing weight prior to pregnancy will reduce the risk of suffering from complications.

Weight Loss Plan

Pregnancy is not the best time to try and lose weight. It is important that pregnant women eat a healthy diet in order that the baby has enough nutrients. Basically you don’t need to eat for two, even though it is tempting to think differently. A healthy weight gain during pregnancy is between 11 and 20 pounds. Any more than that and you will struggle to lose the excess after the baby is born.

Obese women need to be especially careful that they eat a healthy diet – if their pre-pregnancy diet was full of junk food, problems such as gestational diabetes are far more likely. It is also a good idea to try and take some form of regular exercise during pregnancy, although if you are obese, you may wish to talk to your doctor before starting an exercise programme.

Pre-natal Care

Obese woman can expect the same level of care during their pregnancy as a woman of normal weight. Assuming an obese woman doesn’t experience any complications during her pregnancy, she won’t need to see her midwife any more often, but if problems develop, she will be monitored closely to ensure that she and her baby remains healthy.

There are lots of ways to get your pregnancy off to a good start, but if you are obese, losing weight is definitely a good idea.

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Therapeutic Massage Provides Health Benefits

After a busy day at work or an all-day carpool with the kids, having a deep tissue massage Calgary is a great way to relax. Exercise and health studies show that a good massage provides many benefits for both your physical and emotional health.

Many health experts believe that combining therapeutic massage therapy with regular exercise has powerful healing effects on your mind and body.

Physical Health Benefits

Pain Relief – Working out with regular exercise causes tight muscles that can become stiff and sore. Sport massage and deep tissue massage can loosen muscles and relieve pain and stiffness.

Improved Circulation – Therapeutic massage therapy improves circulation, so oxygen and nutrients can reach your body faster. By increasing oxygen levels in your blood stream, you’ll have more energy.

Improved Flexibility – After exercise, muscles tighten up causing stiffness and limited range of motion. A massage will help muscles relax increasing your normal reach and flexibility. Over time your body’s agility will greatly improve.

Emotional Health Benefits

Stress Relief – A strenuous workout helps to relieve stress, but it also takes a toll on your body and energy levels. A relaxation massage at Mantra Wellness Therapeutic Massage Clinic can provide stress relief and renew your physical and mental energy.

Restful Sleep – Massage therapy relaxes your entire body, as well as your mind. When you’re physically and mentally relaxed, you sleep sounder and wake up less during the night. A good night’s sleep will prevent fatigue and create increased energy and a positive mental attitude the following day.

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