What every health practitioners need to know about medical billing?

Soon enough, I will be accepting patient consultations of my own, be it free, or not, of any charges. But to make it easier for patients during consultation like they won’t bother more if their pockets have some bucks to hand on to me during every doctor’s visit, it is good to avail for any health insurances for every patient and medical billing links to every doctor.

Health insurances are paid monthly by consumers or clients and depending on their insurance plans, they can avail for countless medical check-up including a number of diagnostic work-up like complete blood count, platelet count and for some, CT scan, X-ray are included. And these health insurances are the ones to pay for every check-up of every patient — this goes the medical billing links to every health practitioners, as this is the very reason why it is important for every doctors to affiliate oneself to any medical direct billing. This is one simplest way of helping patients to practice their medical health freedom.

Moreover, medical billing direct, is a process wherein medical practitioners submit and process on claims with health insurance companies in order for them to receive payment for services rendered such as during regular medical check-up or during confinement in the hospital.

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Beware of W.I.L.D. Diseases on Rainy Season

The Philippines Department of Health (DOH) has warned the public of the W.I.L.D. or the four most common deadly diseases during the rainy days in the country. These W.I.L.D. diseases are the Water-borne, influenza, leptospirosis and dengue fever diseases.

Leptospirosis and Dengue Fever

With these four diseases, there are also four reminders that we need to take note of the DOH gives.

1. Make sure water is potable.
2. Maintain strong immune system.
3. Avoid wading in flood waters.
4. Reduce open collections of water

But the most important of all is to maintain a clean hands thru constant and proper hand washing.

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Obesity and Its Effects on Overall Health

You might have been an athlete in high school or college, but aging, poor diet and lack of exercise culminates into an obese figure. Millions of people are overweight, and this trend is definitely affecting health across the entire nation. If you’re overweight and concerned about your health, consider the negative aspects of obesity and possible solutions.

Varicose Vein Development

Varicose veins are essentially enlarged blood vessels usually seen in the legs. As the years pass by, your circulatory system must work harder to force blood through arteries, veins and capillaries. Varicose veins are normally genetic, but they can be brought on by obesity. Your body is trying to move the blood through veins that are supporting extra tissue volume, placing strain on the circulatory system. Doctors can treat varicose veins under insurance when they’re more than a cosmetic problem. If you have pain emanating from these veins, consult a doctor about proper treatment to relieve those chronic aches.

Body System Ailments

High blood pressure, poor cholesterol levels and diabetes are just a handful of ailments brought on by obesity. For many people, simply losing the weight alleviates some or all these health problems. The body is only meant to carry a certain amount of weight based on your height and bone structure. Excess weight simply places too much pressure on body systems to operate normally. Oxygen and nutrients must support all body cells whether you’re thin or obese. Reducing cell volumes with a healthy lifestyle relieves stress on all body systems.

Beneficial Surgical and Lifestyle Changes

If you have extreme obesity issues, your doctor might suggest stomach banding. This procedure is highly effective when performed by expert physicians. When you’re simply overweight, doctors can always suggest a diet and exercise plan customized for your body type. You’ll balance enough fuel with exercise to feel good and lose weight simultaneously.

When you decide to get healthy, your situation can be enhanced with professional help, including consultations with Bay Surgical Specialists. You can find the right diet, exercise plan and possible surgical procedure to melt the pounds away. Invest in yourself to see a better return on life quality and longevity.

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