Mental health treatment: how diet can help

The food you eat has a very huge impact on your mind. This is why they say ‘you are what you eat’. Nutrients have a lot to do with your brain and its functions. According to a research, dietary factors do make a difference to your mental health. Therefore, good nutrition is good for your mental health.

There are many evidences saying that food plays an important and contributive role in managing, developing and nurturing mental health. Therefore, a lot of health professional, doctors and psychiatrists specially do recommend a healthy diet that can result in a positive difference in the mental health.

Below are a few dietary and healthy tips that can help you enhance your mental health.

Having the right meal is a simple mental health treatment.

Eat Fruits, Veggies and Fish
The one statement above covers everything. You need to make sure you consume a healthy diet that covers everything from fruits to vegetables to fish. This is because your body needs all the vitamins and nutrients for it to work properly. Concentrating on one thing and neglecting others can be harmful.

Some foods that have been proven to be beneficial include fish (contain omega oils), carrots and various types of dry fruits including nuts etc. Also, consume fresh fruits and not canned meals.

The human body needs fluid for it to function properly. As per research, we need to consume about 1.9 liters of water every day. In addition to water, one should also drink other types of fluids such as fresh juices. Plus, dairy products are also very important for mental health.

An adult loses 2.5 liters of fluid every day. In order to recover lost fluid, you need to hydrate your body otherwise it will lead to dehydration, reduce mental functioning and result in a loss of concentration.

Things to Avoid
When we discuss what to eat and drink, we also need to discuss what to avoid in order to have a healthy mind. Let’s have a look:

  • Drinking: You have to bid adieu to alcohol. There are contradictory reports on the use of alcohol, especially its impact on mental health. Many say it is beneficial in the long run, but most reports speak otherwise. Hence, it is better you stay clean.
  • Smoking: Smoking is injurious to health! This is one statement you should keep in mind. Smoking, like alcohol, is addictive and can impact your mental health.
  • Others: Say no to tea, coffee, energy drinks and cola because these contain caffeine that, if consumed in huge amounts, can impact your health in a negative manner. To a certain extent, the effect of caffeine on the brain is similar to the symptoms of klonopin withdrawal.

Many people think that supplements are an alternative to healthy diet but actually they are not. Therefore, it is very necessary to eat good food and choose reasonable and healthy fluids in order to maintain balanced diet.

Supplements can be good, but they are not an alternative and you should not solely depend on pills.


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Physician Licensure Exam August 2015

Today is the first day of the 4-day, two consecutive weekends examination for all the yearning medical doctors in the country, the Physician Licensure Exam 2015.

Physician Licensure Exam 2015

I won’t be taking the said examination but I can feel the nerves of it. It seemed like not just butterflies are in my stomach but also those pencils to use during the exam. I can hardly explain how my mind and my senses going on now.

But I know for sure, the batch who will be taking the PLE 2015 today will make it to the top. They surely will put M.D., abbreviated Medical Doctor, at the end of their names two weeks from now.

To all of you guys, break a leg! Believe and you will surely be licensed doctors!

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Caring For Those With Alzheimer’s

If you have elderly family members who are experiencing stages of Alzheimer’s, then you might want to consider some type of assisted living facility or another type of care. There are a few things that you can expect from an Alzheimers assisted living facility that are a little more individualized than the typical care that one would received while in a similar facility.

Most facilities have a separate Alzheimer’s unit. There are some facilities that have a separate building for those with Alzheimer’s so that the care is personalized and detailed compared to the other residents who might not need as much in depth care. One of the things that you will see is increased security in the facility. This is for the safety of the residents in case someone were to try to leave the building unattended or without alerting a staff member. Those who do wander will often be redirected to their room or a common area.

Staff members are trained to handle situations that might arise with those who have Alzheimer’s. This could range from helping a resident get dressed to making sure the resident doesn’t cause any kind of personal injury while bathing, styling the hair or any other kind of care that the resident does on his own. While the residents are at the facility, the staff will work with them to keep as much of the brain as active as possible. Residents have an opportunity to participate in crafts, exercises and other activities where they can socialize with other people their age. There is usually a room where residents can read, put puzzles together or watch television.

The rooms in an Alzheimer’s care unit are often the same as other assisted living rooms. Some of the furniture is more accessible to make the environment safer. An example would be a walk-in shower or a tub with a seat. Rails are often placed in the rooms, and there are sometimes larger handles on the drawers and doors to assist those who aren’t able to detect how to open and close these items on a regular basis.

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