Hospital Luxury Bed Linens

In as much as possible, hospital bed linens should always be kept neat, clean and of course, comfortable for the patients to use. Aside from the fact that bed linens would surely provide the most cozy feelings for the users — ill patients, it would make them also feel safe from other hospital-acquired diseases.

Last week, during my clinics duty, while my attended patient was yet sleeping, I and two other classmates, had a chance to roam around the public hospital here in Cebu City. Since it was just a public hospital, one can think of a crowded ward rooms. I noticed that some of the patients’ bed linens were looking overused while others are still looking like new luxury bed linens.

Hospital Luxury Bed Linens
Luxury Bed Linens (image from

I shared what I’ve seen to my other classmates. I was just really concern how those patients be feeling comfortable if they’re not using clean bed linens. When one of my classmates noticed a sadness on my face, he just threw a joke to me that I should provide the hospital a luxury bed linen for each patient like that of The White Company. Then all of the other group mates were just laughing at me.

Well, who knows then, sooner or later, if I will be a licensed medical doctor someday, I can provide the hospital the luxury bed linens each patients are longing for.

Medical Internship Experiences

One of my housemates here in our apartment is already in her Junior Internship in medical schooling. Last night, before we went to bed, the three of us were able to share some experiences in the hospital. She shared only one thing that she couldn’t forget with what the resident physician told her. It was funny for some but a very helpful to us and other medical students. She was actually late from the exact time of her duty that she wasn’t able to receive any endorsement from those students who were on duty before them. While she was asked about the condition of the patient she was handling, Smiley and since she wasn’t able to take a glance at the patient’s chart, she just do some signs asking the nurses on duty to bring the medication carts of the patient beside her so she could have an idea of what and who the patient is.

That was actually a funny internship experience but a thing to learn — not to get late on duty.