Independent City Life

Independent city living is yet too far compared to renting pad or a studio type room to stay.

For more than a year year now, I am renting an apartment composed of three bedrooms with two comfort rooms. The crib is obviously spacious with separate kitchen from the dining area plus the living room. We were just three medical students living here. But starting last January 2012, when one of our housemates moved out from here, there were only two of us who were left on this big place.

One thing I am not used to do living in this kind of place is the doing almost all the household responsibilities. Most of the time, I am the one who clean our comfort room. I do that twice a month. Aside from that, I also keep an eye on our garbage bins. There are more chores I perform here that I am not used to do at home.

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Life, being far from home, this is.

The worse, by far, I’ve experience was when the garbage collectors failed to collect trashes for almost two weeks. That time, I collected more than five fully-packed large plastic garbage bags. Desperate enough to dispose our garbage, I asked our neighboring tenants if they knew some composters here in the city. But to my bad, even them, do not know. So I just waited until the garbage collectors resume from their operations.

These are just some of the things I’ve learned living the independent city life.

How to Create a Website — a Health-related Website?

So, you want to make a website, specifically, health-related website but having hard time to start? Here’s some tips I could offer on how to create a website.

Health Blog

  1. Get a relevant domain. You can try, or any other keywords.
  2. Decide whether to have your health blog a self-hosted one or free-hosted from tumblr, WordPress, blogger, or any other blogging sites.
  3. If you want your blog self-hosted, look for reliable hosting sites which is could cater the needs of your blog.
  4. If you have decided already in #3, use the WordPress features.
  5. Then, you are done setting up your website — health-related website!

Above steps that I shared are just the basic one which I learned from my experiences.

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