Begin a Rehabilitation Program at a Holistic Facility

When you hear that a celebrity such as John Stamos is trying to overcome an addiction to drugs, it may inspire you to do the same thing. At, we are committed to helping each client overcome their addiction to alcohol or drugs with an individualized treatment plan. Not only will our addiction treatment center help you to detoxify before overcoming an addiction, but also, we believe in using holistic methods rather than simply providing medications and counseling. If you want to stop using drugs, then our facility wants to help you mentally, socially, physically and spiritually.

Rehabilitation Centers

Overcome a Mental Addiction to Drugs

Some drug treatment centers focus on the physical addiction to methamphetamine or heroin, but when you leave a rehabilitation facility, you will still have a mental addiction. Having a mental addiction to a drug can lead to a quick relapse because you are not completely recovered. If the reasons for taking a drug are not addressed while you are in treatment, then you are likely to return to the same bad habits. Short-term rehabilitation programs are designed for detoxification to help you remove a drug from your bloodstream.

Learn How to Repair Your Body During Rehabilitative Treatment

The experts in one of these short-term facilities will give you prescription medications that will eliminate your nausea, but the medications will not address your mental addiction to barbiturates. At a holistic center, you will participate in daily 12-step meetings that will begin with prayer or meditation. After attending a 12-step meeting, you will transition to a one-on-one counseling session with a psychologist to discuss your personal issues that have led to using drugs. Rather than returning to your room to journal about your experiences, a holistic drug center might have you attend a nutrition class where you can learn more about eating healthy meals in order to repair your mind and body.

Participate In Physical Activity to Reduce Drug Dependency

Instead of spending your free time watching television, a holistic center will have recreational spaces that are designed for exercising. To improve your body’s health, you might go swimming in the facility’s pool, or there are gyms where you can lift weights to gain muscle strength. A holistic drug rehab facility will have aestheticians who offer back and neck massages with essential oils, or you might want to have an acupuncture treatment instead to relieve your emotional tension. You also have access to nontraditional therapies such as grooming and riding a horse at a nearby equine facility.

Art and Music Therapy Help You to Release Repressed Feelings

Additional holistic approaches to drug rehabilitation at our facilities include listening to music while dancing or exercising. Our clients are also able to enroll in art classes to learn how to sketch with pencils, paint with watercolors or sculpt with clay. These forms of therapy are important ways to heal your mind and spirit, but the activities can also release intense emotional feelings that you have repressed since childhood. While participating in these therapies, you may also find new interests that help to keep you from thinking about alcohol and drugs.

Animal Therapy Can Help You to Relax During Rehabilitation

When you are experiencing a lot of emotional stress, a therapeutic session with visiting animals such as cats or dogs is helpful. Holding and stroking a pet can also help you to feel calmer during your treatment at one of our drug treatment centers. While our clients are required to attend 12-step meetings and counseling sessions, we offer a variety of holistic therapies that you can choose from on a daily basis. Each of our clients has different issues to address, including growing up in a dysfunctional home or experiencing sexual abuse as a teenager. While overcoming an addiction is the main reason for beginning a drug treatment program, our goal is to help you solve other issues to become a whole person again.

Overcoming Addiction Includes a Detoxification Program

The detox local addicts prefer is located at a holistic facility where clients are treated as individuals with a specialized treatment plan that addresses all of their physical, mental, social and spiritual needs. If you need a detoxification and rehabilitation program to overcome an addiction, then you want the counseling staff to care about all of the aspects of your recovery. Our goal is to improve your overall wellness for a lifetime, including recovering from a debilitating addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Overcoming Alcoholism: A Brief Overview

In this contemporary era, many people find themselves addicted to alcohol. However, many of these individuals are interested in overcoming their addiction and leading a life of sobriety. If this is the case for you, now is the time to begin the recovery process so you can lead a healthy life. To get started on the right foot, implement the following recovery strategies right now:

1. Seek Professional Treatment.

One of the most important steps you can take to end your addiction to alcohol is enrollment in a professional drug treatment center. This step is imperative because attempting to cease alcohol addiction on your own can have deadly consequences. For example, the detoxification process can generate a wide range of unexpected, painful withdrawal symptoms that the general populace doesn’t know how to deal with. Since this is so, you should tap into valuable resources such as Drug Treatment Finder Center. The professionals of this company can provide you with insights, instructions, and assistance that helps you locate the alcohol recovery center that is ideal for you. While there, you’ll attain a wide range of treatment services that optimize your potential for permanent recovery. Some of them include detoxification, one-on-one counseling, and mentorship.

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2. Expand Your Knowledge Of Alcohol Addiction.

In addition to finding an alcohol treatment recovery center, make sure that you take the time to learn as much as you can about the condition. Doing so will help you optimize and accelerate your addiction recovery process. There are a wide range of information-packed articles you can read online, including “What is the Florida Model of Drug Treatment?” and “Alcohol is a Drug.”

3. Optimize Your Mental Power.

If you’re serious about optimizing your alcohol recovery process and leading a life of profound health, be sure to tap into your mental power. You can use your mind to accomplish any goal you set, including the objective of putting alcohol dependence in the past. There are several ways that you can optimize your mental power to accomplish this objective, and one of them is by meditating regularly. The health benefits of meditation are diverse, and some of them include improved immunity, better sleep, enhanced memory, and better cognitive functioning. There are numerous forms of meditation you can utilize to start reaping these benefits, and one includes calmly repeating a positive phrase inside yourself. Some examples include “I am healthy,” “I am alive,” and “Peace, love, and joy.” When you get into the practice of adopting this positive mindset on a regular basis through consistent meditation, you will develop the positive mindset necessary to overcome alcohol addiction and live in a healthy, happy manner.

4. Enhance Your Diet.

Another strategy you can employ to overcome drug addiction and enhance your potential for healthy living is optimizing your diet. Unfortunately, research shows that the majority of Americans do not consume a diet that is rich in the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for the body to thrive. However, you don’t have to be a part of this cultural norm. To aid your body in recovery from the degenerative work of substance abuse, be sure to begin incorporating a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. You can also use online resources such as to track your daily caloric and macronutrient/micronutrient intake.

5. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

One final step you can take to optimize your addiction recovery process is exercise. Alcohol addiction plays an integral role in detracting from the body’s ability to function optimally. However, exercise can aid the recovery of the physiological system to ensure that you regain total health in your cells, tissues, and organs. There are a wide range of physical activities you can engage in to accelerate this process. Some of them include:

-mountain climbing
-step aerobics

Don’t Delay: Overcome Alcohol Addiction Today

If you are currently addicted to alcohol and know it’s time to turn your life around, don’t delay the process. Instead, commit to implementing the behavioral changes that will empower you to lead the life of holistic wholeness you deserve and desire. To get yourself on the path to recovery right now, implement the five health strategies outlined above. By seeking professional treatment, expanding your knowledge of alcohol addiction, optimizing your mental power, enhancing your diet, and exercising regularly, you will likely find that you are able to overcome your addiction!

Drug and Alcohol addiction Recovery Center

First Steps Recovery is an outstanding facility that treats people for both drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, the world of rock music is no stranger to having talented musicians die due to their abuse of drugs and alcohol. Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix were the first high profile rockers to meet this terrible fate. The Who’s Keith Moon, Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham and AC/DC’s Bon Scott are three more rock legends who all died in their 30s because of their addictions. On December 3, 2015, the rock world lost another giant with the death of former Stone Temple Pilots leads singer Scott Weiland. The death of Scott Weiland should make you seek help.

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Weiland’s history of drug abuse

Weiland’s struggles with addiction were well chronicled in the media over the years. He had a history of showing up to gigs when he was not in the best of health. He was in and out of recovery clinics multiple times. However, each time the treatment failed. He would eventually slip back into his old routines. Much of this had to do with the life of a popular rock musician on the road. He was constantly surrounded by negative influences who tempted him to start using again. He told stories of fans offering him drugs and wanting him to get high with them. It was not a surprise to many people when Weiland’s lifeless body was found on his tour bus. He was 48 years old. An autopsy revealed that his official cause of death was an overdose of cocaine, ethanol and MDA. There was cocaine found near his body.

Do not become the next Scott Weiland

Stories like the tragedy of Scott Weiland’s death should serve as a cautionary tale for every person who is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. This is what could happen to you if you do not take action, admit you have a problem and seek help for it. There are many outstanding rehab facilities that have counselors and doctors who want to help you. They have dedicated their lives to assisting people in their attempt to kick their deadly habits and regain control of their lives. Scott Weiland had everything a person could want in life. He was wealthy, had millions of adoring fans and a wife that he married only two years before his death. He threw all of that away just because he wanted to get high. Do not make the same mistake he did.

You need to take the first step

It is up to an addict to admit that he or she has a serious problem and they need help. No recovery can begin until this happens. Checking yourself into an Ohio detox program will be the best decision you ever made in your life if drugs and alcohol have been sabotaging your job and relationships. The decision to go to rehab could very well end up saving your life. However, taking that first step is the most difficult part of the recovery process. Admitting to yourself that you can’t continue to go on living this way is something that takes a great deal of strength and courage. This is why it is important to have people who love you to lean on during this very difficult period of your life. You need all the love and support you can get to help you break free from the chains of addiction.

Learn from the mistakes of others

The deaths of Scott Weiland and so many other famous entertainers were all totally preventable if these people received the help they needed. However, the one positive thing about their deaths is that it allows people like you to see the consequences of a life filled with drug or alcohol abuse. It can only end one way and there will be no happy ending if treatment is not sought. The help you need is out there waiting for you. There is no reason your life needs to go down the same path as Scott Weiland’s. You can make the choice he didn’t.

Think about your loved ones

Addition is a very selfish thing. Substance abusers are always so concerned about trying to make themselves feel good that they don’t stop to consider the feelings of those around them. How would your loved ones feel if you met the same fate as Scott Weiland? Why would you want to put them through the devastating heartbreak of watching your physical decline and eventual death? Think about others and not about yourself for once in your life. The help you need is one phone call away.