No Classes Today due to 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake

Since yesterday, we do not have classes in medical school because of the 6.9 magnitude earthquake that has hit Cebu City and other areas in Visayas region on Monday, February 6, 2011.

I don’t know if I’ll be glad with this announcement or what. But with my present health status, I should be then. I am suffering from acute gastritis and LBM after I ate a slice of water melon which was just bought along the street. I won’t talk about it anymore because I am pretty sure you can picture how such water melon looking like. LOL!

Married Students

I have seen a number of school-mates in medical school wearing wedding bands. Just so getting curious, one question always popping out from my mind — are married students allowed in medical schools? Smiley

I presume,  schools accept married students to enroll in medical schools. But I doubt if they do accept students marrying during their schooling in medical school.

There are schools that as much as possible, they suggest and give pieces of advice to their students not to get married when in medical schools. For some reasons, that even I, could not understand. But by far, as I can observe it, there are a number of medical students in our school that are married or even gotten married now.

Sporty Medical Student

I could say that I am one of those active sporty gal but that was way back younger years of mine until I graduated my college degree. When I entered the medical school, I was still joining sports and games — playing basketball, softball and even lawn tennis. Smiley But not really as often as I was during college. In fact, I just played the games only when I was yet in my first year in medical school in Silliman University. Since this time, medical school is getting busier compared the past years, I can’t spare a time to practice those sports.

Nonetheless, I still am hoping to get a chance to do and share what I know in terms of sports. I want to win a team from different events.

Two weeks, or less, ago, the med-lympics, an Olympic event for all medical schools in Central Visayas, was held here in Cebu City and was hosted by the Cebu Doctors University Medical School. But since the event was held during my birthday week, I decided not to attend the Olympic games and other fun and just went home instead. I just told myself that if there was a horseback riding game on that said event, I should prepare my own horse riding helmets and wouldn’t hesitate then to grab the opportunity to represent our school. Smiley

Little by little now, I am doing my routine work up in dribbling basketballs so for me not to forget the basics of the game. Hopefully, next year time, I can join the women’s basketball team of our school.