Opiates, Designer Drugs, and Skyrocketing Overdose Deaths

More and more, the headlines of newspapers fill with alarming statistics about the rise in overdose deaths in America. Fentanyl alone has seen a 540 percent increase in death rates. Never has the need for drug treatment education and awareness been greater.

The Human Toll of Dependency and Addiction

2015 saw more than 50,000 people die from drug overdose. The numbers were more than 60,000 in 2016. It is predicted to increase each year incrementally. Those two years alone left more than 110,000 families experiencing shock and grief over the loss of a loved one for an unnecessary and accidental reason. The overdose problems have grown to near epidemic proportions in some areas of the country, with EMT’s having to respond 10, 20, and more times within very few hours to intervene in accidental overdoses.

Oxycontin and the Opiate Trend

Beyond the street drug heroin, Oxycontin has earned a place in history for being the leading cause of addiction to opiates. Although tighter controls exist, it is still readily available on the streets in most areas. The high price has created a rush towards the use of heroin. You can find opiate addicts from all walks of life since recent statistics show it is mainly driven by prescription drug addiction.

The Dangers of Fentanyl

Fentanyl is a lab-manufactured opiate. It is incredibly dangerous due to the strength of it compared with natural opiates like heroin. It is often cut into heroin supplies to boost the effects. It ends up being a fatal decision for many that take this type of heroin unaware of the presence of Fentanyl. It explains the tremendous increase in overdose and overdose-related deaths. The painkilling abilities of this manufactured drug go way beyond that of morphine. Mainstream media has been in the process of increasing awareness by publishing the numerous large busts of this product throughout the country.

The Insanity of Flakka and Bath Salts

Flakka and bath salts are drugs comprised of nothing short of toxic chemical sludge. They are both known to make users exhibit strange behavior, but Flakka takes this to an extreme. It first showed up on the drug scene in Florida. It has been nicknamed “the zombie drug” for the appearance and actions of those that are high. The individuals become non-verbal, growl, grunt, bite, scratch, and typically remove their clothing due to the dramatic rise in body temperature. Both of these drugs are highly toxic and deadly.

Spice and Marijuana

Marijuana has been legalized in a few states but remains an illegal substance in a majority of the country. Many users state there is no addictive factor but not every user has the same experience. It can cause extreme bouts of paranoia and can become a product that is mentally addictive to some. Spice is a synthetic marijuana-type drug. It is also known as “space” in some locations. It can cause seizures, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and extreme panic attacks. Users fluctuate between a catatonic stare and panic-driven behavior. These substances can become addictive when used as a means of escaping reality.

Making the Decision to Quit

Deciding to step back and get free of a drug or alcohol addiction is enormous. It brings a mix of fear, dread, and uncertainty about the process to anyone that has never entered a treatment program for addiction. You will find it helpful to discuss the possibilities of getting addiction treatment with trusted friends and family members. The more people you feel are in your corner, the easier it is to get motivated. Keep in close communication with all people that are supporting you with positive affirmations and encouragement.

Finding the Right Medical Detox Program

The medical detoxification process is step one on the journey of recovery. It is essential to do it right, and at a pace, you can handle. Finding the right detox program for you will depend on the distance you are willing to travel, the ability to help with your drug of choice, and whether the facility accepts your health insurance. Take your time and investigate the positive and negative aspects of the programs you are considering.

Experiencing Release and Healing

Once you have safely gone through detox and begin the process of counseling, you will start to feel a pleasant release from the grip of addiction. You will still have a few battles ahead, but learning the coping skills it takes to maintain sobriety make you stronger.

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Three Steps to Making 2018 Your Healthiest Year Yet

It can be easy to let your health suffer, especially if you are busy and overwhelmed with work and other activities. However, the truth is that your health is your most important asset, and taking good care of yourself will pay off in the long run, both physically and financially. Make 2018 the year that you finally get healthy and stay that way. If you are unsure of how to start, don’t worry. There are simple steps that you can take to get healthy every day without stress. Here are three steps to help you get started being healthier and happier in the new year.

1. Look At Your Diet

The standard American diet is called SAD for a reason, which is that it is unhealthy and leads to bloat, heart disease, cancer, and a myriad of other ailments. Step away from your daily habits and look at what you’re really eating. Keep a food diary so that you can have an objective measurement of what you’re actually consuming. Then, talk to a doctor and get advice. If you don’t have a trusted doctor already, consider a virtual nutritionist like those at Lifestyles in Nutrition. This expert advice can help you to reinvent your daily eating habits, which will have the biggest effect on your overall health.

2. Find Movement that Works for You

Don’t look for a way to exercise that will make you frustrated and depressed. Too many people try to drag themselves to the gym to do a boring, painful workout, then they wonder what they did wrong when they don’t keep up the habit. Instead of torturing yourself with your exercise habits, find something that you can do every day that you love. Get a dog and take it for long walks, or find a local pool or beach and go swimming every morning before work. Take up golf, diving, or yoga. Anything will work as long as you are moving frequently throughout the day.

3. Reach Out to Friends and Family

Studies show that have a strong emotional support network can improve both the quantity and the quality of life. Don’t wait for others to reach out to you. Instead, take the time to contact friends and family and make the first move. Keep your relationships intact and look forward to many years of healthy joy.

Finding A Dentist For Your Needs

A dentist is an important component of your overall health. If you don’t provide the proper oral care that you need, then issues could develop that lead to other health concerns in the body. When you begin looking for a dentist Elk Grove Village IL office, you need to find one with a staff you can trust and who will make you feel comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable in the office when you get your teeth cleaned or when you’re talking about your oral care, then you likely won’t want to go back in the future.

Talk to family and friends about who they would recommend. If you know people who have been visiting a dentist for a few years, then this is an indication that the office is good at the services that are provided. Ask about how the workers and the dentist interact with the patients. You should also find out if the office is kept clean. Your doctor can also offer suggestions about who to visit. Another option is to talk to your pharmacist. These professionals will be able to give you a list of dentists in the area who take insurance, who provide the services that you need and who might be taking new patients.

Your insurance company can offer suggestions about who to visit for dental services. This is an option that you want to consider so that you don’t have to pay additional fees to a dentist who is out of the insurance company’s network. Once you find a dentist you want to visit, there are a few things that you need to look at before making a final decision as to whether you want to be a patient or not. One would be the office hours. They should fit into the schedule that you have. Another is where the office is located in relation to your home, your child’s school or your place of employment. Ask about the educational background of the dentist and the workers. Talk to the dentist about the options that are available for sedation and any procedures that are needed for oral issues, such as cavities or broken teeth.