Health Tips for Busy Professionals

Whether you’re getting a graduate degree or you’re working a demanding full-time job, thinking about your health probably isn’t a top priority. If you’d like to change your lifestyle for the better but you’re working with limited time, try these tips.

Health Tips for Busy Professionals

Always Eat Breakfast

Demanding lifestyles require brainpower. If you want to stay feeling full and energized throughout the day, start by eating a nutritious breakfast. Approximately 31 million Americans forgo breakfast each morning, and this leads to a host of health problems and can increase your risk for obesity. Instead of skipping breakfast altogether or grabbing something like a doughnut, opt for a breakfast packed with protein and fiber. Greek yogurt topped with berries is an excellent choice, as well as a green smoothie that’s supercharged with chia seeds and coconut oil. If you can spare the time, consider whipping up an egg white and spinach omelet for breakfast. Whatever you do, make every effort to walk out the door with breakfast in hand.

Bring Healthy Snacks to Work

Many modern offices are starting to offer perks like a snack bar. Some offices might offer healthy snacks as a benefit to employees, but most don’t. If you find yourself feeling hungry throughout the day, start bringing healthy snacks to work. If there’s no fridge space available at work, you can bring dry goods like almonds or granola bars. If you’re opting for these types of snacks, try to go with unsalted almonds and granola bars that have no artificial sweeteners.

Use Alternative Ingredients

If you love the taste of mayo but you’re tired of all the added calories and fat, switch to Hampton Creek mayo. Hampton Creek is committed to producing high-quality plant-based foods, so you can still enjoy favorites like mayo and cookie dough without sacrificing your health. Similarly, if you enjoy a latte on occasion, you can try switching out traditional milk for almond milk or soy milk. If these alternatives sound appealing but you’re not sure how to introduce them into your everyday life, visit Hampton Creek’s website or Facebook page to find new and exciting recipes.

Meal Plan and Prep

When you’re running at full speed every weekday, it might be impossible to cook dinner each night. Instead of eating out for your dinner, try to set aside one day per week to cook several freezer meals. A few hours of meal prep on the weekends will save you time during the week, so you can pull a nutritious meal out of the freezer after work and relax.

One Thing At A Time

When you’re at work or studying, you might feel the urge to eat as you work. However, it’s best if you can put work on pause for just a few minutes while you focus on your meal. Savoring each bite and being aware of the experience of eating can help you feel full and satisfied, and it also reduces the chance of overeating. Even if you just hit the pause button on life for fifteen minutes while you enjoy your meal, you’ll be able to jump right back into work after you’ve finished.

Work Out in the Morning

Healthy eating is a big part of your health, but you need to exercise as well. If you usually save your workouts for the end of the day, you might find it easy to skip “just for today.” Most people are exhausted after a hard day at work, and rightfully so. Instead of working out in the evening, set your alarm an hour early and do a quick workout in the morning. Cardio workouts in the morning will get your blood pumping and help you feel awake and energized by the time you get to work.

Shop Smart

Meal planning is a lifesaver when it comes to convenience and saving money. Instead of heading to the grocery store without a plan, spend some time thinking about meals that you’d like for a week, or perhaps even two weeks. List out the ingredients and then head to the store armed with a plan. Meal planning before grocery shopping will help you reduce food wastage, and you’ll also be able to take trips to the store less frequently to save time. As an added tip, try to avoid the grocery store right after work when you’re hungry. This can lead to impulse buys of comfort food.

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