3 Ways to have True Relationship with Yourself

We live in a world where time spent with others is often a central focus. Being alone is often associated with loneliness, a lack of friendship or some other negative scenario. However, there is a necessary value in being alone. Our first true relationship is with ourselves, and failure to connect with ourselves often leads to feelings of disillusionment, a lack of purpose and focus, and a diminished self-knowledge.

3 Ways to have True Relationship with Yourself

The First Relationship…
We come into this world single file. Even twins are born one at a time. We can not escape being with ourselves so it behooves us to nurture and grow this first natural relationship. You must learn to like and develop the person that you are because this relationship will last a lifetime.

Developing a Meaningful Relationship with Yourself…
This may sound strange to some. How does one develop a relationship with self? Aren’t you born into this relationship? The answer is simple: yes and no. You are born with a natural self-awareness, and that does count as some knowledge of self. However, humans evolve over time. The need to be as actively involved with our own evolvement is central to developing a deep love, hence meaningful relationship with ones’ self. In plain language, this means taking the time to assess what you naturally like and don’t like, becoming aware of strengths and weaknesses, and accepting them. Weaknesses provide an opportunity for change. In order to grow, we have to be willing to look at them.

What happens when we fail to self-connect?
When we ignore our own personal needs and urgings we build up baggage that grows over time. We become more and more separated from who we truly are because we refuse to stop and take a look long enough to self-assess and correct what’s wrong or missing. If this goes on too long we may need therapy to guide us back to ourselves. Getting help is a tool that can help restore or build a better relationship with yourself. Often, health insurance will cover therapy and even provide medical transportation houston tx.

The willingness to explore what makes you unique and embrace it is essential to maintaining and building a meaningful relationship with yourself. The self-love you develop will have a trickle down effect. The more you show patience, tolerance, and love for yourself, the more that same vibration will spread to the outside world.

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