Regular Exercise could be an Antidote for Deadly Diseases

I used to get myself involve in a routine daily exercises before. It was around almost 3 years now. But since I get pregnant and devoted myself then to personally take care of my son and breastfeed him, I forgot to continue my daily exercises. One reason is that because I did not notice myself gaining extra fats after I gave birth so my mind set was like “why should I exercise and what do I need to throw out where in fact I do not have any extra baggage then?”.

However, just very recently, since I weaned my son off from breastfeeding because he’s already 2 years and 10 months, I noticed a sudden increase in my girth and even in my body weight. I did not bother computing for my body mass index because for sure I will just get even more worried.

So now, I am thinking to get myself back busy from doing my routine daily exercises again. I need exercise again. But I do not know how and where to start in doing this. I do not know how to restart my goals in exercising. Maybe I need an expert advise for this to at least guide me in this new challenging journey of healthy losing weight again.

One reason for me to at least perform and get back to exercising is that I do believe that regular exercise can be an antidote for deadly diseases like breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. There are actually a number of research studies suggesting that physical activities can really help prevent the development of the mentioned diseases. And of course with proper diet and life style modification as well.

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