Caring for Ourselves both Inside and Out

Every self-care ritual that we follow plays a constructive role in our health and wellness. This is why our health is our wealth. Without our health and wellness, our lives and even the lives of others can be compromised. We have to be concerned about more than just what we eat and put into our bodies. Just as we must eat well and live well to create and maintain a healthy interior environment in our bodies, we must also take care of our exterior.

Beautiful Healthy Inside and Out

Responsibility and Awareness…
Life can be quite dangerous if we go through it without a thought of protecting our bodies from the possibility of harm. From inception, our parents teach us to wear shoes to protect our feet or to use hot pads before we pick up a pot that has just finished cooking. It’s instinctual and natural to protect our bodies from obvious harm: So much so, that we are taught this practice at a fairly young age.

Protecting Our Vessels…
We protect ourselves, outwardly, by wearing seat belts, helmets, and other protective gear designed to suit a variety of different activities. Even the protective gear we wear is consistently upgraded to serve and protect us better like the helmet mounted heads up display, designed to increase our view of our surroundings. We wear sunscreen to protect the exterior packaging of our bodies, our skin, just as we wear shoes to protect our feet. It’s clear that it’s helpful and even necessary to protect our exterior selves just as much, if not more than we protect our interior.

Self-care is both natural and learned. Even the laws that govern our country place emphasis on the requirement to protect ourselves and others around us. Just about any and every activity that could present some form of harm to ourselves and/or others has a law of protectiveness surrounding it. Just as doctors take an oath to do no harm, we too have that same obligation to ourselves and those around us. Self-care is the heartbeat that protects us.

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