What To Expect After A Standard Dental Implant

How To Manage Pain After A Dental Implant

Oral surgeons and dentists are highly trained to make sure the process of installing dental implants goes well for all patients. Depending on the complexity of the surgery, patients will notice varying degrees of post-surgery pain.

Post-Surgery Pain

Implant operations are complex and can radically alter the features of a patient’s mouth. Though the surgery will positively affect a patient’s well-being, a little pain afterward is to be expected. Anesthesia is used to make the implant surgery painless. Hours after awakening however, the anesthesia will subside, and certain painful sensations can be experienced.

Dental ImplantDental Implant (image from italiandentalclinic.com)

Swelling of the implant area including gums and muscle tissue is common. This should only last for a few days. Dull aches in area of the jaw where the implant was made can also occur. The dentist, or oral surgeon who performed the implant surgery can prescribe powerful medication that minimizes these sensations.

What To Watch For

Normal dental implant surgery has a recovery period of 3 to 10 days. If pain persists past this point, or a new pain arises, a follow-up evaluation is necessary. Patients receiving dental implants Denver Colorado area are especially fortunate to have ultra-modern dental specialists who can diagnose post-surgery problems.

Post-surgery pain can be caused from a number of conditions. These include an implant that has not taken to the new bone where it was rooted, or grafted. In this case, the implant will be loose, and will cause irritation of the surrounding gums. Another post-surgery problem can arise from damaged tissue. Cheek, gums, and tongue tissue can bear the brunt of implant surgery. If an infection occurs, bruising and slow healing will cause mouth pain. A simple cycle of antibiotics can combat any post-implant surgery pain and infection.

Dental Implant Benefits

In the past, people who lost teeth were plagued with having to live life with a hole in their smiles. Modern dental implants ensure that this never has to happen. Whether it requires an extraction, a bone graft, or a set of titanium screws, implants are a smart and affordable way to preserve a perfect set of teeth. Expert dentists and oral surgeons can provide a painless implant surgery experience, and a way to manage post-surgery recovery.

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