What Is Addiction Rehabilitation?

What Is Addiction Rehabilitation?

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often try to break free and live a normal, addiction-free life again. They may require the help of loved-ones or friends to realize they have a problem, but the main quality they need is to be motivated to follow a recovery program. Rehabilitation is sometimes called a journey the addicted person takes with different steps and levels they reach and overcome along the way to their new life.

The Beginning

It’s important to find the right recovery facility. There are services that can help you research hundreds of treatment centers to find the one that suits your lifestyle. Once you select a center, you will meet a doctor or other addiction specialist to discuss the best course of treatment for you. There are many different types of treatment. A few of the most common are:

• Inpatient treatment where you live in the recovery facility for a specified period of time
• Outpatient treatment where you get treatment at the facility three to four time per week, but you live at home
• Medical detoxification may be required for certain addictions
• Physical, psychological and emotional counseling is usually part of all treatments


All alcohol addictions and most drug addictions require detoxification. This is to remove the substance from your system. It doesn’t mean you are free from the addiction, it just means the substance is removed, and you are ready to start your rehabilitation program. Detox includes withdrawal symptoms that may be very painful and in some cases life-threatening. For this type of detox, a physician will use medication to lessen the discomfort until the patient can function without it. Withdrawal symptoms may occur immediately, but most occur within 24 hours of the last dose.


Rehabilitation is the recovery process. You will be helped to understand the core reasons you became addicted in the first place. This will help you move on with your life without going back to alcohol or drugs to face those core reasons. You’ll receive personal therapy that address your unique situation as well as group therapy where you learn how other people got addicted and got over it. If it is suitable, whole families join in the rehabilitation. This helps a lot when the patient returns home. The family will understand the issues that caused the addiction and be able to help the person avoid them.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation takes time and patience, but it can help you become free of your substance addictions.

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