Hypertension in Pregnancy

Pregnant women often times do not put much attention on minor clues during pregnancy such as headache or nape pain, epigastric pain or even those cramping legs. Most often than not, many of the expectant mothers are assuming those are just normal feelings during pregnancy — yes, those could be but are symptoms of pregnancy-related complication that is even detrimental to both mother and the baby.

Hypertension in Pregnancy Pinoy MD

A simple headache is not a good symptom and deserves a thorough monitoring up until the mother has delivered her baby. This is a sign of hypertension in pregnancy or the most appropriate term, pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia means a blood pressure measured using a sphygmomanometer of equal or greater than 190/140 at the 13th week of pregnancy onwards, or until 12 weeks after delivery. Other symptoms noted to most patients include nape pain, epigastric pain that usually radiates to the shoulder or at the back. The early diagnosis of hypertension in pregnancy has better outcome to both mother and baby with proper medical management and monitoring. Worse prognosis of hypertension in pregnancy is when the patient already shows episodes of seizures or convulsions that is not attributable to other causes or the so-called, eclampsia. Eclampsia can even cause death to both mother and baby.

Medications given to pregnant women depends on the severity of the hypertension and the timing of management on the age of gestation.

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