How To Choose The Right Gym For You

Get off the couch and into shape this year by renewing your gym membership. There may be a lot of choices out there, but you can blast through them like a righteous bodybuilder with these simple criteria.


The first consideration in choosing a gym should be price. What can you afford on a month-to-month basis? There’s no use in getting your heart set on that gleaming eco-friendly fitness center if it costs more than you’re willing to spend.


Once you’ve settled on a price range, start touring local establishments and seeing what they have to offer. You’re looking for variety and cleanliness above everything else; both are a sign of dedication on the staff’s part to excellent customer service.


What if you’re interested in something a little more exciting than lifting weights or running on treadmills? Look for a gym that offers fitness classes to help you shed the pounds through fun group activities. Snap Fitness has everything from zumba to cycling; Spectrum is a Los Angeles fitness club that keeps trained yogis and pilates instructors on call. Most 24 Hour Fitness locations offer a pool.


When is the gym open? Most prospective members don’t even consider this before they sign on the dotted line, and then they find themselves shut out when their schedule changes or they become inspired for early-morning workouts. While the grand majority of gyms provide keycards for 24/7 access, there are quite a few that don’t, so make sure you don’t choose a dud.

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