What causes UTI or Urinary Tract Infection?

One of the common health issues people and even kids including babies and toddlers experiencing is having urinary tract infection or commonly called as UTI.

There are varieties of factors and causes why a particular person experiencing this illness. For adults, mostly women are the ones who experience this compare to men. Although there are chances those men can get this infection yet they are lesser compare to women.

There are plenty reasons why a person gets this infection:

  1. The bacteria from bowel that left in skin near rectum- of course bacteria multiply easily and spread to our body inside and out which can cause health problems and one of it is UTI. Thus, when you do the call of nature, always make sure to clean properly your anus.
  2. Sexual intercourse (for women). Women experience UTI due to the bacteria in vaginal area that goes through urethra during sex. But this happens sometimes to those who are not that active in sex. In other hand, it can possibly happen to those who change partners most of the time and to those who are sexually active people.
  3. This also applies to those who wait too long to urinate most of the time. Although we can’t control ourselves to control our urine especially if we’re doing something really important that we cannot leave it, but always make sure not practice it since it can give you a serious problem in the future.

Since we can’t prevent it from occurring, the least we can do is to search the treatment for uti and other remedies instead. In this way, those who are having problems with it can find ways on how to help their health problems with this infection and the same time can lessen the chance of getting it back again.

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