Ten Percent: Why Losing Just a Little Helps Quite A Lot

The experts at the Seattle HCG Diet Clinic are there to help you reach your weight loss goals, no matter how insurmountable they might seem. Yet many make the mistake of psyching themselves out before they even start, thinking things like, “I will never be able to lose 150 pounds, so why should I even bother?” The fact of the matter is, setting smaller goals makes sense to begin with; and it doesn’t take a whole lot of weight loss before you start noticing a huge difference in your body – and even better, there’s a lot going on after you lose just 10 percent of your starting weight that you don’t see.

Better Body Confidence

For starters, if you weigh 200 pounds and you lose 10 percent of that – 20 pounds – you will definitely notice the difference. Depending on your body type and where you lose the fat, that could drop you down two pants sizes! We probably don’t need to stress the emotional benefits of feeling those once-tight jeans slip over your thighs and hips like they were tailor-made. And that spring in your step isn’t just your imagination; you’ll be literally walking lighter and with more confidence.

Improved Heart Health

It is incredible to read more about how a 10 percent weight loss has such an impact on the health of your heart. Reaching that manageable goal has been proven to lower both cholesterol and blood pressure, both of which are leading causes of heart disease. Imagine losing 15 pounds and moving from the at-risk group for heart failure to the low risk group in one fell swoop.

Lowered Risk of Other Diseases

The benefits of losing 10 percent aren’t just in your heart; they are all over your body, such as your gallbladder, prostate and colon, three body parts which are most commonly affected by being overweight or obese. Yet even that minor weight loss lowers the risk for cancer in all three areas.

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