Mobile Health Clinics

Many large hospitals and medical centers are researching the use of mobile medical units from These fully functional units provide much needed medical services and are able to be taken out in the community, bringing health care directly to the people who need it. units can be outfitted as mobile health clinics, mobile laboratories, mobile dental units, and mobile mammography units. provides a free planning guide to those interested in exploring the possibility of having a unit customized for their organization. All of’s medical units are constructed with adherence to all state and federal guidelines and regulations. Air flow and humidity are controlled just as they are in a freestanding medical building. All units are designed to comply with infection control practices and regulatory guidelines. has been crafting mobile medical units since 1987. They are the original manufacturer and do not have a “middle man” sales department. All units are constructed with residential grade materials that are designed to stand the test of both time and regular wear. can help get any organization started in the process of bringing medical care to medically underserved or sparsely populated areas. Sample units are available for viewing.

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