Medical Billing Services

In the country, where in the health insurance system is not as well organized as countries like the United States, every patient and his relatives are almost always getting a headache thinking on how to get the the hospital bills paid.

Talking more about medical bills and medical billing services, I personally have experienced a not so precise system in one of the hospitals in the country which even caused us a delay in discharging from the hospital. And the worse thing, since we were already delayed from being discharged in the hospital, we were charged for another overnight stay and all other stuff.

The following day, I talked to the head and mentioned it wasn’t our fault which cause us the delay to be discharged and we were not liable for any additional charges then. Accordingly, our reason wasn’t that weighty to be accepted. So they still charged us — included the additional bills on our previous billing.

The very reason why we were delayed in updating the bills was because of the hospital staff themselves. They always told us that the doctors hadn’t included their professional fees yet on the billing details. And if we’ll pay for what has been just included there, we still owe the hospital for the fees of to the doctors. Though our family doctor already mentioned that we can go home, and he already released a clearance and discharging approval slip but the other attending physician haven’t mentioned her professional fee. It was supposed to be the task of the staff to follow up the doctors and not just to wait until they release their professional fee details.

This scenario didn’t just happen to us but to some other patients we talked at the cashier waiting area.

How I wish that medical billing services in all of the hospitals in the country will be automated and updated so not to cause any delays and hassles to every patients.

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