How to Quit Smoking?

There is a great new initiative at This site if focused on providing ever more information to aid in the process of smoking cessation. It is a tragedy that over 4 million Americans die from smoking and smoking-related causes each year, in spite of the many sources of information about the damage and problems caused by smoking.

The EAGLES acronym is focused on recruiting participation from people that are seeking information and assistance with the many programs that exist to help fight the smoking problem. For anyone serious about the issue, they will find a ton of good information on the site that is both persuasive and compelling. It is possible to sign up for an informative newsletter that will provide regular updates and information concerning concepts and programs that work effectively to combat the smoking habit. A unique aspect of this program and information is that it is very gender and demographic varied. From children to older adults and both men and women, the information that is needed to appeal to a specific group is targeted and tailored to be on the money and of immediate help. If you or anyone you know is grappling with the issue of a smoking habit, this site can be most beneficial and is well worth the time to visit and explore. Stopping smoking is one of the most important decisions many Americans can make.

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