How to obtain temporary social care work?

With the pressures of modern living, temporary work offers you the flexibility to work in a variety of jobs while allowing you fit your employment in with your other commitments. It also means that, while you may not be able to commit to a regular, full time job, your skills can still be put to good use. This is true for all professions and the social care sector is no exception.

Professional social care workers will be fully aware of what the industry involves but taking on temporary work can serve as a good introduction to the industry for newcomers. It will allow them to get a feel for the work without the need to become fully committed.

If you are interested in temporary medical work in Britain, then the place to look is NHS Professionals, a limited company wholly owned by the Department of Health. NHS Professionals supports 66 NHS Trusts across the country and is the leading provider of temporary workers to the NHS.

NHS Professionals does not only provide opportunities for medical staff. The NHS requires administrative and clerical professionals as well as other support staff such as caterers and cleaners. Simply by registering with NHS Professionals, you will be able to access thousands of temporary positions up and down the country with ease.

If you are seeking a medical role, you will need to ensure that you have the appropriate qualifications and that these match the specific requirements of the job. For other roles, clearly, there will be different requirements.

Those who have worked in the social care sector before will be familiar with what is expected from staff, but if you are new to the sector then there are a number of aspects of the work that you should consider.

Social care demands specific qualities. You need to understand that quality of care is paramount and that you must be fully committed to your job. You need to be compassionate and be able to communicate effectively. You will also need to be patient and methodical and to be a good organizer who pays attention to detail. And you will need to be prepared to face the unexpected. You will also need to maintain the highest standards of hygiene to prevent the risk of infection and to respect patient confidentiality.

Temporary work will allow you and your employer considerable flexibility, both in the hours you work and the time you work. You may be required to perform shifts and to work on Public Holidays, so you should be prepared for this.

As a temporary social care employee, however, you will be able to rest happy in the knowledge that you are putting your skills to good and effective use in an industry that is in dire need of qualified staff and that you are meeting the needs of your own lifestyle requirements.

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