Employer Wellness Programs

With the plethora of weight loss programs, you would think that there really is nothing new under the sun, But incentaHealth.com approaches the issue from a separate angle, and that seems to be one’s motivation.

Face it, if losing weight was simply about eating less calories than one consumes, it would seem to be a no brain proposition, true? Well, it is indeed just about that but it’s that brain that gets us in trouble. Why  overeat involves powerful psychological forces that perhaps no one understands fully, and motivation to lose weight is a key factor. Yes, switch the motivation to a more powerful one perhaps and see what we get.

How about money? Yes, plain old money, greed if you will. The “wish lists of life” of most people almost always include the desire for extra cash close to the top. incentaHealth provides employers with an Internet-based program that pays their employees to lose weight and maintain good health. At http://www.incentahealth.com/HowItWorks.html you’ll learn how daily email support to your effort, including educational exercise materials, meal planning advice, success stories and strategies, coupled with the straightforward reward of cash rewards from your employer, who would sponsor you, can yield powerful and positive results. An innovative and refreshing approach, it certainly deserves a serious look see by companies and employees serious about weight loss. Hence, a good employer wellness programs to avail for.

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