Doctor at the Pharmaceutical Company

I remember one of our doctor professors in medical school who now a diplomat in dermatology and at the same time working as a medical supplies distributor, taught us how doctors become rich as she never admit she is because of being a doctor alone, and I guess not just her but almost all doctors I knew, but because of having other source of income like family businesses or so.

Yes, you read it right. Being a doctor never assures one to be as rich as living a luxurious life other than living the fame of having the MD suffix of the name. That doctor I mentioned earlier shared to us her experiences how Filipino patients pay her ‘in kind’ like a sack of rice, a number of live chicken and a lot more. As she said, if that would always be the case in treating patients, what would probably happen to her and to her family? Where would doctors get for their monthly household bills and even for the tuition and other fees of their children if they won’t look for other sources of living? With that realization she shared, she entered a pharmaceutical company and started working as a medical distributor.

As she recalled, the very first months she was working with that company when the technology is not as advanced as today, she needed to go places to places to canvass and inquire about medical supplies. But today when medical supplies online are available, it seemed like in just a click, the products can even go from one place to another then.

That was how she shared her life as a doctor and as a private pharmaceutical worker. How I wish I could be like her in the near future.

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