Paying Hospital Bills

While having some time at the male surgical ward, I had a chance to talk to one of the patient’s relatives. For the more or less 30-minute conversation we had, our topic was mainly about how she could pay the hospital bills of her husband. That time, her husband was sleeping so she had the opportunity to open up such topic.

In the midst of our talk, we just noticed that her husband handed me a coin, it looked like an 1890 silver dollar coin but I wasn’t sure though. We just realized then that her husband was just listening to us and was also worried how his wife able to pay for his bills. Her wife, while the patient showed me the coin, jokingly said if they can use the coin to pay for the hospital bills. And so to lessen the stress and worries of the patient, we ended deviating our topics and laughing then.

How I pray that the patient’s family could find good ways to pay for the hospital bills and the patient would get healed the soonest also.

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