Taking Care of Yourself After Rehab

When you have finished a program like The Camp drug rehab you will find that life now is nothing like life before – but that’s a good thing. Now you have the opportunity to excel, where before drugs or alcohol were holding you hostage to your addiction. Yet it requires a concentrated effort and a sound focus to get you back to health and feeling your best once again. And while that might sound a bit overwhelming, it’s actually very simple; and once it becomes routine, you will be set down a path that will serve you well for the rest of what will hopefully be a very long, meaningful life.


Keeping your mind healthy is just as important as anything else. You might find that seeing a therapist regularly helps keep you mentally in balance, particularly one trained in dealing with people who have suffer and continue to suffer with substance abuse. The one-on-one treatment can be especially helpful if you also suffer from social anxieties.

Glean as much as you can from your AA meetings as well. Everyone there has gone through what you are going through; they and they alone understand how difficult it is to be the only person at the company Christmas party who isn’t drinking or having to explain a troubled past to a new partner. Listen to each other, but also learn from each other.


Exercise is an essential part of anyone’s life and it can be especially rehabilitating for a newly sober individual. Exercise is about challenging your body as well as empowering it, and the stronger you grow physically, it’s quite possible the less you’ll want to harm it with drugs.

Eating well is another important physical factor. No doubt your treatment facility established healthy eating habits and it’s important to take those into recovery and beyond. Your body needs all the vitamins and minerals it can get, so load up on nutrient-rich leafy greens, lean proteins and hearty grains. Often, recovering addicts find themselves turning to vitamin supplements to ensure that they get all the nutrients they really need.


Spirituality is different for everyone; some have their faith in the many different words for God, while others turn to nature for their spiritual energy. Whatever the case, meditating on or invoking those higher powers can be a satisfying and effective way to stay the course of sobriety.

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