Beating the Health Stresses

One of the most common causes why people suffer from debilitating diseases is stress. Stress, of any forms and of any cause, makes the immune system lowers. Once the human immune system lowers, the body tends to easily acquire illnesses.

There are many ways to keep the body away from stresses, though it is a fact that, most often than not, we cannot avoid stresses. It is just how people deal with it. Here’s some of the things which I personally do when I think and feel that the world’s stresses seemed like drowning me to death.

  • Pray. This is the very first thing I always do especially when I think I had been pre-occupied much and busy living the material world. It is a fact that there’s no other thing in this world that provides us stresses but the material world. Isn’t it?
  • Smile, Laugh and Shout. When the things seemed to be very cluttered and I can’t fully concentrate on the things which I supposed to do because of stress, I often pause, smile, laugh and shout my joys with my friends. If I can’t steal a time with my friends, I call my family and share something that could make us both smile, laugh and shout together.
  • Breathe Freely.It isn’t impossible to find a place in this world where we can breathe freely fresh air and expound all the sorriness and stresses out of our body and mind. In this way, it’s not just our mind freshen up, but also every single cells in our body which needs oxygen.
  • Sing, Dance and Move Your Body. Though I know it is impossible for me to have my own microphone system here in the dormitory like the vocopro uhf-5805 at guitar center, what I and some of my friends used to do just for us to be able to sing, dance and move our body is checking out sing-along houses near the hospital. In fact, we just had a 2-hour videoke last week which really enabled us to pour out our negative vibes and emotions. Moving the body means exercising as well. I used to do my routine 10-minute treadmill workouts before, but I couldn’t catch up with my schedule this time. So I just opted to do 10-minute Zumba dances.

I hope you can do even two (2) or three (3) of these mentioned de-stressants I have here.

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