Morningside Recovery

To some, alcohol is a pleasant accompaniment to social activities. To many it is a way to let loose and relax. But for heavy drinkers, they find alcohol addictive. Why? Because alcohol in itself is a drug and any drug when misused can definitely be addictive. According to study, Ethyl alcohol or Ethanol found in alcoholic beverages is a central nervous system depressant that affects regions in the brain that control behaviour, so naturally people feel more outgoing and become excessively communicative than their usual selves when drunk.

Like any substance abuse, alcoholism is one thing that is also hard to pin down. Typically a person who is alcoholic develops the habit of denial or refuses help. But a full support from the family could make a difference.

At Morningside Recovery there’s no room for negativities. They believe everyone deserves a chance at long term recovery. The treatment may take a long time and could involve several relapses, depending on how the patient will respond however, in the process you will find that their unique ways of blocking the destructive effect of drinking and help the patient develop new, healthier ways of coping is worth your every penny.

For inquiries these are the numbers to call, 866-387-2173.

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