Mid-Week Music for Medicine

Wednesdays are always my busiest day as the semester resumed every week. Aside from the need to wake up early in the morning, this is also the day where I need to stay longer in school at the afternoon because of added two (2) new subjects. Basically, Wednesdays are the most toxic day of the week, for me.

But as a stressed and undeniably tired student, I don’t want to make myself more stressed at home. One of the usual things I used to do is to play zumba music dances or songs of worship to de-stress until I get fully recovered. But today, I am thinking of trying out denon mixers at musicians friend to play a more wild musics here inside my room. I don’t have that instrument here but I will try to check online if they have an online free trial.

Would you like to feel the heat of the music with me tonight? 😀

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