ECG Lab Test

Lately, I have been feeling uncomfortable with my breathing. I almost always catching up with my breath and I noticed a very pounding palpitations over my chest — in the heart area.

After three (3) days of observing for myself, I asked my mom that I need to undergo and have myself an ECG laboratory test.

ECGECG (image from

And so, I really had my ECG lab test.

That was not my first (1st) time to undergo ECG test. But I was still a bit nervous and conscious to the lab technician. She required me to take off my brassiere and all other metal accessories over my body like my raymond weil watch. Pardon me! It is not really a raymond weil watch but just looking like a raymond weil’s.

Yeah! That was it! After, maybe, less than five (5) minutes after those leads were attached to my body, the lab test was done. But the results were to be released a day after. This means, that I need to go back to the hospital tomorrow.

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