What do you prefer: going to mall or buy though the internet?

I love to go to mall every weekend and perform my window shopping skills, lol. I go together with my friends and families after we went to church. We simply love going to the mall because it is air conditioned and also we love to shop and buy things there while shopping.

I love to wear strapless shapewear while I’m in the mall because it makes me very sexy and feeling great. However, when I am at the mall my purpose of existence there was to have fun, play, meet and
shop together with my friends and family. The malls are one of the most attracted destinations in the city or in any other big cities especially those malls can be found in the Asian countries.

I love to explore the big malls in the world besides when I travel local and national I don’t go home when I haven’t visit my destinations mall because of course I wanted to buy souvenirs to bring back home and give to my families and friends who would always want to receive presents every time I travel everywhere.

Anyway, we knew that most of our luxury wants and needs are can be found in the mall besides in reality when we need something we just rush in the mall and purchased what we need. One more thing that I like going to mall is that you will be having a different and many options where you can really chose what is best especially in the vegetable section and you will even know if the goods are expiring soon or not.

Shopping traditionally compared to the shopping high-technically are very much opposite and not the same, right? And I am talking about shopping through the internet. My friends and I are enjoying exploring and shopping in some of the shops that are online based because we found out that it is more cheaper and lesser when we switch to shop along the web. We used to buy bras online especially if a certain shop offers great deal and competitive price then we would probably buy pairs of it.

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