Hospital needs repair

I am not a hospital owner or the company CEO so I don’t have the authority to demand hospital repairs, but this doesn’t mean that the structural integrity of our hospital is not compromised. The hospital desperately needs its walls repaired as well as some of its windows. I don’t know what is taking the property owners so long to call a window and building expert like Total Roofing.

I’ve been to different hospitals in the country, classifying them from public hospitals to the privatized. While it is quite clear that there are some drastic differences between the two, some could say that the private hospitals get overlooked as far as building repair, facility maintenance and hospital management.

When I was able to visit one private hospital in the country, I told myself that the hospital desperately needed repairs. It needed new sets of windows and some repairs on some heavily damaged walls. If you happen to check, the windows they supply are what I would expect from a private hospital; a place, by principal, that needs to be clean and maintained.

I hope that the management of the said hospital would have time to check their hospital facilities if still working right or not.

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