Fire Blankets for Home and Apartment

Since I moved here in Cebu City and decided to continue my medical schooling here, fires are not new to me anymore and even those cry of firetruck sirens. In fact, just last month, March 2012, there were more or less 15 fire incidences recorded in Cebu City and from the nearby cities namely Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu cities.

However, when I personally witnessed a huge fire which was horribly eating the house of our neighbor, just less than 50 meters away from our home and apartment, every time I hear firetruck siren, I always feel like chasing for my breath and almost to break down. Things happened are still fresh in my mind until now.

After that grieving incidence, I and my housemates talked about purchasing fire extinguishers for our apartment. We were not looking forward for any fire incidents to happen, but at least, being prepared for any accidents is much more ideal done doing nothing.

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We’ve sported different types and sizes of fire extinguishers. But I was hooked to consider fire blankets compared to stored-pressure fire extinguishers. I found the latter difficult to manipulate than fire blankets since one should carry and position the bottle in its most appropriate way compare to the other. With fire blankets, it doesn’t need much energy and effort to use. Simple way of covering the starting fire, for small fire blankets for it to use.

Fire blankets are made of fiberglass materials and are folded in a storage box that is just easy to use and accessible to everybody.

Unfortunately, until now, we still couldn’t find fire blankets here in our place.

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