Envisioning My Dream House

Plans of settling down are still far from reality. I am still halfway through my med school and although I have already envisioned my dream house, it is also still in drafts and will continue to change and adjusted.

For my dream house, I plan to have wood decking. I have seen these cool Fredericksburg decks online and they are really a good place to entertain guests, host a cookout, a birthday party or just simply relax and unwind in a outdoor chaise lounge, read a book and sip coffee. I also want to have a porch where I can just sit back and relax and watch the people and the world go by. It would really be nice too if my porch catches the bright morning sun and I can also watch the sun go down. There are many porches that can be found online and from the many options to choose from, I guess, I will really have a hard time deciding which one to get.

Well, there are for my dream house, and knowing that it is still a far cry from reality, at least by now, I have already in mind what to do and where to purchase things for the house. I still have so many years to prepare for it and save for this dream house to materialize. So by the time comes when I am ready to build it, there will be no stopping me.

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  1. May your dream come true! ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Have faith in your dreams and, someday, your rainbow will come shining thru.” -A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes by Kimberley Locke ๐Ÿ˜‰

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