Plastic Surgery Montreal | Plastic Surgeon Montreal

With the advancement in technology we are having today, it is not impossible to achieve any chastisement we want for our face, our beauty. Plastic surgery is the medical field which is deals on the correction and improvement in the function and forms of the human body like the face, breast, buttocks and more. Plastic surgery are of many types. Some of which are hand surgery, microsurgery and reconstructive surgery.

Reconstructive plastic surgery, one good example is the Plastic Surgery Montreal, is done aiming to correct any functional impairments in the body. Examples of these impairments are caused by burns in the face and arms and even any traumatic injuries that resulted in bone fractures and breaks in the face particularly in the jaw area, nose and the orbit of the eyes.

Plastic Surgery Montreal | Plastic Surgeon Montreal

Plastic Surgery Montreal | Plastic Surgeon Montreal

Congenital differences in the body, like cleft palate or cleft lips, can also be corrected through plastic surgery.

One of the known Plastic Surgeon Montreal is Dr. Sandra McGill. She is a fellow in plastic surgery who used to perform and provide services in an intuitive yet sophisticated approach in reconstructive surgery. Some of the procedures she does are breast lift, breast reconstruction, liposuction, and body contouring.

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