48-Hour Bed Rest

Since my sprain left wrist ain’t well yet, I need to have my 48-hour bed rest. Though I can move with my feet and other body parts, I have hard time doing hand works because it is really painful to do.

48-Hour Bed Rest48-Hour Bed Rest (image from fanpitre.com)

Having myself a 48-hour bed rest ain’t easy. So for me not to feel bored from doing nothing, I am just listening music from my iPad and sometimes from radios, online. I even tried to record one funny joke from a radio station, however, I haven’t set my music recorder application up in my iPad, I missed that thing for, I guess, three times anymore.

Anyway, would you like to know what music genre I love to listen when I am alone here in my room? Believe it or not, I love rock music. Thee music genre is what I am also listening at when I am studying.

This is just the only thing I am doing today while having my 48-hour bed rest.

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2 Responses to 48-Hour Bed Rest

  1. Wena says:

    Get well soon, Gagay!

  2. Pinx says:

    what happened? i hope you’re feeling better now Gay.

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