Keeping Healthy with No Time to Spare

Like so many of us these days, if you’ve got a good job, chances are you work long hours and have very little free time except during the weekends.  Unfortunately, personal health and fitness don’t accommodate modern work schedules, so when we’re doing a good job at work, we’re often letting our bodies down all the same.  Some are able to find time to go the gym at least 3 days a week after work, but for those who can’t, exercise is left to the weekends, if at all.  Below, we’ll go over some strategies you can use to stay fit every day, even when you’re in a time squeeze.

Work out while you work

If you have an office or perhaps even a cubicle, you can work out while working at your work station.  Using an exercise ball, you can strengthen your core and perform mini ab exercises, all the while continuing to type on your computer, read reports, and more.  If you really have no other time to get some exercise in, at work’s the best place to do it.

Park far away

Some people spend so much time looking for a parking space close to the building that they would actually have been inside faster had they just parked a bit farther away and walked.  In a society that fosters laziness, however, most people don’t bother to.  Parking far away forces you to walk more, and often times, it can actually be time-saving as mentioned above.  It may not be a mile run, but walking the extra distance results in calories lost, and that’s always a positive outcome.

Use the stairs

This may be a nightmare scenario for you, and if you don’t have good knees or some other contributing factor, it may be understandable that you use the elevator or an escalator.  For everyone else, however, there are no extenuating circumstances preventing stair use.  Stairs may be difficult to climb, but climbing stairs is a really solid workout, so you should use them as often as possible.  Sure, you can make an exception when you’re lugging up three giant crates to the fifth floor, but otherwise, you should still use the stairs when you can.  There’s a reason that there are so many stair climbing machines at the gym, and that’s because they end up producing real results over time.

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14 Responses to Keeping Healthy with No Time to Spare

  1. Pinx says:

    i’m always working out while rocking baby Job to sleep Gay… hehehe… kay magpasayaw man ang bata para makasleep…

  2. Allen Cerezo says:

    I usually go to work an hour early so I can do workout by walking 500m-1000m away from the place.I am also spending my 15 minute breaks healthily by doing stretching exercises.

  3. zoan says:

    Gay, you have nice ideas here. Siguro kung moadto me ug Mall (kay wa man gud me office work), ako ingnon ako bf nga sa layo me mo parking aron ma pugos me ug baklay:)

  4. carlota says:

    yah i do all that and sure it feels good. pero in winter time ngita jud ug closer parking place. Happy weekend Gay.

  5. leah says:

    hi gay, will sitting 2 boys be considered workout? I haven’t taken time to jog like I used to lately. di na naubusan ng gagawin! but i took the guts to sign up for some fun runs in Oct and Nov…i just hope i get some prep to be fit enough to actually join the run! right now, climbing 3 flights of stairs is my only exercise…di pa yun regular. yay!

    by the way, i joined your giveaway 🙂 will tweak my blogs this weekend to link yours. have a crazy friday!

  6. chrisair says:

    I actually hold my breath and compress control my abs when just sitting or travelling, somehow works , thanks Gagay will check out that exercise ball

  7. I just have one insight. For anyone who plans on parking their cars a bit far from usual, make sure that it’s in a safe place. Nakakatakot na ngayon yung mga biglang sumusulpot at may ginagawang masama. Always be careful too. By the way, thanks for sharing these tips! =)

  8. levy says:

    I like the idea @Chrisair… it’s so easy to do.

  9. Matsumoto says:

    Remind me! 🙂 I was at the gym 2 days ago and been sitting my eyes yesterday and today again…hayyss…tomorrow I’d go again…anyway I find walking up the stairs the most effective way to have your heart pounding…but only because I walk up the 9th floor 🙂

  10. Matsumoto says:

    goodness that’s a*se not eyes…lols

  11. Ness says:

    This is true. I bought an exercise ball. That’s what I used here at home. Kasi I’m too lazy to work out. =)

  12. Sumi says:

    Thanks for this entry. It served as a reminder for me to be conscious with health and fitness.. 🙂 I used to exercise everyday, but now I’ve become too lazy.. >.<

  13. Stacy says:

    why park far away? commute nalang for sure you need to walk haha

  14. Pinay Mama says:

    I am a work-at-home mom and doing the household chores serves as my exercise already :p

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