How To Lose Weight?

Over weight – having an extra fats, but not to the point of having symptoms of obesity, is one of the many lifestyle problems now a days. Definitely, on how to lose weight, is the right term to denote.

Being fat, or such called, is just like being near to many lifestyle and metabolic diseases. For instance, being a diabetic, those people suffering from any types of diabetes mellitus which is also commonly called DM, is by far linked to fat accumulation in the body due to abnormal metabolism. Another lifestyle disease that is very common is hypertension. Hypertensive people, generally, but not all, are known to have excess weight and fat in the body. Excess fats from elsewhere in the body usually travels to the blood and form plaque leading to improper flow of blood. Thus resulting to high blood pressure.

The two above mentioned diseases are just the most common now a day, and still growing in number. Since imbalance dieting and a sedentary lifestyle is something almost all people cannot away from, many researchers are aiming to look ways to loss weight. And just recently, a  research survey and study has revealed that one of the most effective means on how to lose weight weight loss program, is having sex.

According to the survey conducted, a 30-minute sexual act with the partner can burn up to 350 calories then by then. That is actually a totally increase burnt calorie in just half an hour. Aside from that, in the survey, it has also been stated that even kissing could also add to burning more calories.

Ain’t that an alternative means to loss weight? But off course, normal balance diet and regular exercise are still the best program to follow when it comes to healthy losing of weight.

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