Eye Care

I just recently bought new pairs of contact lenses after a year that I changed from lenses to specs. Along with the new pairs of lenses were the free 60 mL lens lubricant and lens case. However, last Thursday, I forgot to bring with me the lens lubricant in school. And since we, I and some classmates, were still having school stuffs to do, I didn’t have had any choices but to buy a lens lubricant from any pharmacy where we passed by.

The Eye Care Lens Lubricant in the image above was what I bought since my eyes were really getting dry – it was looking very reddish already after a whole day inside an air-conditioned room and also getting painful and itchy.

Happy Monday everyone!

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8 Responses to Eye Care

  1. oh, nakapalit na noon ka ug ahat..anyway, sa health man pud so okay lang…laag ko Gay from GM.

  2. dorry lyn says:

    thanks for this infos sis..visiting for GM

  3. I never tried using contact lens, pero ang aking eldest wears it…takot kasi ako maglagay 🙁

  4. Chesel says:

    I’ve always wanna try using contacts pero mahadlok ko magbutang sa’kong mata O___O lol

    put it in your bag gay..or you’ll buy another one na pd..hihihi

  5. it’s nice especially if your using the computer too long. Thanks for sharing.

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