Total Dehydration

Just after Dodong’s first birthday party, he wasn’t feeling well already, according to my family. I wasn’t actually there at home, so I, myself haven’t seen it personally.

Dodong’s health status worsen in 3-day duration. He don’t want to eat nor drink his milk. He was still suffering from high fever and getting weigh less. Thence, my family and his mom, my SIL, decided to bring him to the hospital for confinement. He was actually first brought to a hospital for check up on the very first day of his fever, but nothing changed instead making him worse.

Upon confinement on Sunday, June 12, 2011, Dodong’s pediatrician diagnosed him after suffering from total dehydration. He was given dextrose and back to breastfeeding.

Pardon with me with the images above, those were just taken and sent through mobile phone by my sister who accompany my SIL.

As anybody wishes, hope Dodong would recover the soonest.

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  1. bluedreamer says:

    yikes… hope Dodong to get well very soon…

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