Wanted Launder

Doing the laundry at home is one of the things I opt not to do. I am not really good at cooking but at least I knew some menu, though, I still prefer to cook and prepare the kitchen even how long it would take than doing the laundry. I really don’t like washing clothes. But I love to shop for clothes and off course, wear such.

Since the previous academic year in medical school has ended on April, my personal launder or a washerwoman has stopped working with me – washing my clothes too. I have had hard time looking for a trusted washerwoman to replace her here in Cebu City.

As of now, I am still looking for a personal launder or washerwoman. I tried checking over the internet a local company or agency based in Cebu City where washerwoman are available. But I failed. What I found, instead, though a good company providing a variety of personnel available for a certain jobs for construction workers, house helpers, gardeners, and even modeling, website specialists and more, is not available in area. The company provides the easiest way when looking for any personnel needed even at home, offices, business staff and more. Anybody looking for professional or any titled jobs should just simply enter queries of what has been looking for and a lists of possible jobs with workers will be shown. Ain’t it good to know it’s not available in Cebu City.

Well, can anybody give me suggestions or any recommendations where to find trusted launder or washerwoman in Cebu City? Your help is very much appreciated.

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  1. bluedreamer says:

    heya GG…
    how bout hiring someone from agency or take the clothes in a laundry shop…

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