Varicose Veins Treatment

If you used to be my follower, specifically, in this blog, you might know that I just recently shared about my varicose vein problems. Yeah! It’s very disgusting in my part and very unlikely to always experience leg pain. Much more not good to know is the fact that there are already some veins that are red, swelling and really painful.

During my vacation in Bacolod City, my legs wasn’t good at all. I was really forced to visit a specialist and ask for some advised regarding my leg pain – varicose vein problems to be exact.  Since I was wearing short pants in most of my activities in Bacolod City, I didn’t opt to wear stockings which my medical doctor in Cebu City recommended. I am not used to wear stockings also.

I don’t know if consulting a medical personnel in Bacolod City for my leg pain was good enough because she recommended but not really prescribed ultra vein-gard for me.

Ultra vein-gard are in capsule forms. Accordingly, it relieves symptoms of varicose veins, aching legs and feet, spider veins and tired, heavy and restless legs. I bought one box of ultra vein-gard containing 60 capsules. As per directed, ultra vein-gard should be taken by adults 3 times a day associated with meals.

I can’t tell how good or what ultra vein-gard yet for now. I am still on my second week of taking the capsules. Hopefully, I am crossing fingers on it, ultra vein-gard could surely be help relieve the varicose symptoms in my legs.

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  1. bellagio vein says:

    try to add some evidence or proof so people believe on your capsule.

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