Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

After my third irregular watery defecation before I was confine in the hospital, there was only one thing I keep asking to myself; is the water I am drinking safe?
Every laboratory examinations I had during my hospitalization went negative or normal. The doctor has just discharged me immediately after 24 hours because of it. However, there was no definite diagnosis until now. My mom keeps on asking me if the water that I am drinking in Cebu City was safe.
Since I moved to a new apartment unit on April 1, 2011, I also has changed my drinking water delivery company. I didn’t thought of any thing more about it because I guess every water stations in Cebu has only the same sources. But, I was wrong.

I’m not certain with the water sources in Cebu City; this was the only statement I used to tell my mom. But even the people in Cebu, they themselves are not sure enough with their water sources unlike in Davao City that the water in the faucet could be freely taken in.

Moreover, the water in my new apartment is not from the Cebu City water district company but it’s from a deep well. It is run by a pressure pump to make the water available in the tank. We’re not consuming the water from the tank, though. However, as a tenant, I am puzzled if whatever happened to us, tenants, by using such water – washing our dishes and the like, will still be covered by our apartment renters insurance that we paid even before we moved.

But as of now, I am still here in our farm town. Maybe, so soon, a week after this Holy Week, I’ll be flying back to Cebu City.

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4 Responses to Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

  1. Bill says:

    Hi GG yes mine is safe ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. bluedreamer27 says:

    not really sure… thanks for giving us awareness GG

  3. Caroline Ng May Ling says:

    i always drink filtered water. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. ladyguinevere28 says:

    I am here in Davao City, and I am very much sure and 100% clean coming from the faucet.

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