Experienced Two Accidents in Second Year Medical School

I’m supposed to be out of Cebu City today but because my migraine is not cooperating my preplanned getaways, I decided to stay home. Much more to that, I am suffering from slight fever after my sinusitis attacked on Wednesday. Terrible summer vacation I am having now.I have nothing to do here in my apartment unit but to make myself satisfied in front of my fishes and Maysa, my desktop computer. I then recalled some of those days I was feeling really ill during the last 10-month duration in my second year medical school. The most memorable for from all of those were the two accidents I experienced.

First was my left collar bone that was unintentionally hit by a little kiddo when he was trying to throw his big bro a fist-sized, of mine, stone. I almost to cry and wanted to hit back the kid. But looking at his eyes, he was almost crying too. So I just left him after I called and talked to his elder sister.

The second was the most recent. I slid in the wet floor in my cousin’s house. I was singing taking a bath inside their bathroom when suddenly, boom! The flooring estimates of the room, because they were renovating their house, was not so large enough that I laid my back on the floor. Horrible bathroom that was.

The day after the accident
Oh well, second year medical school is done but medical career’s is still moving. I know, I still have lots of funny experiences to face and the struggles to get what I wished to.


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4 Responses to Experienced Two Accidents in Second Year Medical School

  1. Bill says:

    Hope you are feeling better my friend. That looks like a nasty scrape there. Take care dear friend hugs :X

  2. Mariuca says:

    LOL poor thing GG singing away and then plop!! Hugs!

  3. Mariuca says:

    Get well soon GG!

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