EYE CAN: Fund Raising Campaign for Kcat’s Eye Surgery

I first read from Bisdak Facebook Group page, a Filipino Visayan Bloggers’ Group, about Kcat’s eye surgery a month to wait from now. I intentionally followed her story from her blogs, KCAT & Tack is Kcat, and some online accounts like the you tube and multiply.It’s a heart melting yet encouraging story. Sure thing, surviving years of suffering from serious disease is not an ordinary life story to tell, but indeed an extraordinary and inspirational. one Here’s KCAT’s STORY.

For now, Kcat is preparing for her eye surgery and part of it is a fund-raising campaign, off course, to have her and her family financial supports. The campaign, as far as I have understood, is not just for her to have what she’s needing, but to encourage and inspire people especially those who are in serious health situations to be brave enough to survive and fight for their lives.
Kcat is selling shirts, tumblers, button pins and purple wrist bands as part of the campaign. Embedded, written and stated on each items are some encouraging phrases like “I CAN“. A lot to attribute with such phrase like “I can help!”, “I can survive life”, and a lot more. The shirts are printed with heart-shaped ear. Try reading Kcat’s story so to know what does it means.

Shirts front view

Shirt’s back view
I ordered and bought 2 black shirts, the above images. Hopefully, with that items I had from Kcat, it, somehow, could help her.
Anybody would want to help Kcat can follow the link of her campaign above for more details.
Remember, your cent can change lives!



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4 Responses to EYE CAN: Fund Raising Campaign for Kcat’s Eye Surgery

  1. tacK says:

    Thank you so so so so much! :)-KCAT

  2. GAGAY says:

    nothing to worry Kcat! It's really my pleasure.. πŸ˜€

  3. zoan says:

    nice:) ehehe ako sis, upat na akong gipalit. after nako na receive ang duha ng add ko ehehehe

  4. GAGAY says:

    nindot ang shirt, diba? πŸ˜€

    it's great to help..isn't it? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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