Lately, I have noticed, since the classes resume, I am not in the mood of reading books or even just reviewing notes for the next lecture. The worst thing is that even for exams, I still do not study. I do not know why. In my room, I just sleep and sleep. Honestly, though I often see cockroaches every time I arrived home from school, it provides me a very conducive aura for sleeping. It’s really freezing cold when I am using the air conditioner. I usually wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning and with that, I can’t study for exams anymore.

I do not know what’s wrong with me? Will my brain retiring soon? Do I need brain training? Or maybe, just a brain entertainment so I wouldn’t be getting bored inside my room which I usually thought that sleeping is just the only cure of boredom.

I do not know!!! Hmp!

Or maybe, I need more self improvement and discipline myself to restrain from sleeping? But one thing I notice to myself every time I gain weight, I become lazy. I guess this is so. Every after a meal, I usually yawn then I’m getting sleepy then getting lazy to move and finally decided to sleep. Oh no! I guess I need to have a little work out even just a few meters of walking so my metabolism would work and for me not to be getting lazy anymore. Huhu!

I need to exercise, I guess.



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2 Responses to I Need EXERCISE.

  1. Shinade says:

    Me too GG…I am just so out of shape and all I ever want to do is sleep!!

    Happy day..big hugs too!

  2. Shinade says:

    Wow I am the 1st patient. YiPeeeeeee!!!!;-)

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