Vacation Summary


For how many days, I have been in silence with my blogs. I even forgot to post about my absence. I actually had my vacation just right after my last examination last week, Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010.My cousin, Marion, arrived on Thursday so I and M fetched him from Cebu International Airport. I then brought him in some historic places in Cebu City. On the next day, my mum arrived. Thence we went to some provinces in Luzon to spend our vacation and unwind, de-stress from the 6-month stressful days in medical school.

Yesterday, we just arrived in Davao City from Legaspi City and we immediately rode a bus to go home here in Agusan del Sur. I’ll be spending days here until next week, Nov. 01, and I’ll be going back to Cebu City then.

And oh! I gotta post later in my other blog what really happened to those days I had with mum, tita and cousin. Today, I think I have to look for online casino games for money websites since my friend, a casino addict also like me, has been calling me the past days when I was still on vacation regarding online casino games for fun and for money as well since she can’t come here in the Philippines. She’s just in Australia but she doesn’t like playing casino there, so she want me to recommend some sites where I am used to play online.


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6 Responses to Vacation Summary

  1. Caroline Ng May Ling says:


  2. Monica says:

    GG! πŸ˜€

  3. Monica says:

    how was ur vacation? πŸ˜‰

  4. Caroline Ng May Ling says:

    whoaa long vacay aight? faster post pictures!!!

  5. Caroline Ng May Ling says:

    whoaaa online casino again?! @.@ nver seem to bored wit it. lol

  6. Monica says:

    have fun and take lots of pics k! πŸ™‚

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