No Surgery Classes!


Honestly, every time our class president has an announcement to tell, most specifically on “NO CLASSES, it’s like I’m on cloud nine. Yeah! True. I am one of those having the loudest reaction of “Yes!” or “Thank you Doc!”. I’m like a kid. I feel like a high school student. But sometimes. I could think that I am getting stupid because of the fact that we are paying much compared to other courses but I am just celebrating if there are no classes which is very opposite when I was still in college. In UP, though we complain sometimes of having no holidays, but when it’s injustice not to conduct classes, we also complain. But here in medical school, we ought not to ask for any reasons then but just to get happy.

Well, so much with that, as long as it has been declared to have no classes, I gotta play again real money slots. Last time, I had blackjack. Hehe. I was complaining to myself that I was looking for real money but I was just playing free blackjack. Hmp! What about trying this afternoon a real money slots – the one which is really a gambling like inclusion of money? Hehe.

OMG! I almost forgot, I still have an exam this afternoon, Clinical Pathology lecture and laboratory unit exams. I guess I have to study first before thinking of real money slots to gamble. I can’t take gambling my time in exchange of my Clinical Pathology because I haven’t read and understood any about blood transfusion yet. Honestly, I need to review thoroughly on blood transfusion.

I gotta go now. I’ll just play tomorrow night.


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  1. Caroline Ng May Ling says:


  2. Caroline Ng May Ling says:

    hahahah!! remind me of my study time last time!! same as u!! :p

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