No Clinics Today!

As what any medical students are anticipating, no classes or no clinics, should I say, no duty, indeed we don’t have today. But that is just for our group.

Group II, MD II-A: PD Clinics taken Sept. 27, 2010 before our Cardiology Clinics (Duty).

So what to do today?
Mmmm..I am thinking of studying for our laboratory exam which will be later today, I guess, at around 3:00 in the afternoon. However, when I opened my emails, I received 3 emails from 3 different seo companies who are monitoring my blogs’ performance – rankings. Smiley So sad to know that for the past three months, all of my blogs’ rankings according to them are declining. OMG! Maybe, I guess, because I haven’t been doing things for its optimization. Yeah, I admit. With its contents, surely, I am not being late of posting any to those blogs. But with regards to visitors, I haven’t been working for it. I short, I am really busy that I even forgot that my blogs need visitors. Smiley For now, I do not know what to do with these. I can’t think any better things for my blogs as of now. I don’t mean that I would have to neglect blogging, but I guess it would be reasonable enough to focus first on my exams that these, right? What I am thinking for now, planning I mean, is to make things better as soon as the classes ended but that would still be this coming October. Hopefully, by that time, I could work well with SEO for my blogs.

For now, I still have to review for our laboratory examination. Happy blogging guys.



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6 Responses to No Clinics Today!

  1. Caroline Ng May Ling says:


  2. GAGAY says:

    u really chopped eh!

  3. Caroline Ng May Ling says:

    woaa so nice no duty for today?? hehe means u got more time to study for exam! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Caroline Ng May Ling says:

    HAHA so can i be the FC of the month?? :p

  5. Caroline Ng May Ling says:

    dnt worry bout SEO for now, study must come FIRST! ๐Ÿ™‚ me too when im too busy, my blog sure neglected for quite a period. :p

  6. GAGAY says:

    thanks C!

    indeed right..after 1 more post, i guess, i need to study edi..LOL! 1 more post coming..heheh

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