Love Me General Pathology, Please!

I am really really overtly depressed with the results of our first two unit exams in the lecture class of our General Pathology. I just do not know as of now how to make results of exams higher so for me to be able to cope up with me deficit scores.

The topics were on cellular pathology and inflammation. Easy, as many said. But I can’t exactly quantify if those were easy or not. Some of the specific topics in both chapters were liver diseases – acute and chronic liver inflammation and its pathology, liver CA and liver cancer treatments also. In fact, one of our classmates got a perfect score of 100. See? So it’d be easy, but why I failed?

I do not know. Honestly, I didn’t studied for the said exam nor even tried reading Robbins Pathology of Diseases book. Phew! I guess I just need to triple my time studying and instead of going out for a party, I need to focus myself on just merely studying General Pathology as well as Clinical Pathology. I have to always bear in my mind that I am already in my sophomore year and that this needs more seriousness unlike last year, when I am still in my first year in medical school. But I didn’t mean I haven’t been serious last year, I was but I think this time needs more alertness.


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  1. David Funk says:

    Hi SDWHH!

    Yes, I agree that a change of studying is needed to change the results although I do think you will overcome it.

    Good luck with your studies my very dear friend!

  2. GAGAY says:

    thanks W!!!

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