Top 20 Performing Nursing Schools and Universities in the Philippines 2009

Here’s the list of of the Top Performing Nursing Schools and Univeristies in 2009 according to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

1. Silliman University 96.57

2. Saint Louis University, 95.42
3. Trinity University of Asia 95.06
4. University of Sto. Tomas 95.06
5. Cebu Doctors’ University 91.89
6. Saint Paul University 89.79
7. Central Philippine University 86.72
8. De La Salle University-Health Sciences campus 85.26
9. Saint Mary’s University 84.10
10. San Pedro College 83. 10
11. Manila Doctors College 82.56
12. Centro Escolar University-Manila 81.50
13. Angeles University Foundation 76.37
14. Mariano Marcos University 75.55
15. University of San Agustin 73.25
16. University of Cebu 70.99
17. Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing 70.54
18. Ateneo de Davao Universit 70.20
19. San Juan De Dios Education Foundation 69. 91
20. University of St. La Salle 67.55.


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17 Responses to Top 20 Performing Nursing Schools and Universities in the Philippines 2009

  1. GAGAY says:

    ate mon!!woooooooooh!!! chopper!

  2. Monica says:

    chop chop! 😀

  3. GAGAY says:

    yeah! u chop chop!LOL!

  4. Monica says:

    are you studying in Silliman University GG?

  5. GAGAY says:

    yeah te mon!weeeeeeeeeeh!!heheh,,but am in College of Medicine..not in College of Nursing.hehe

  6. Monica says:

    hey u're here! 😉

  7. GAGAY says:

    yeah!am here!hahaha!can u see TUO?it's up edi!haha..syabas!!!

  8. Monica says:

    ohhhic!! wow top school some more..great!!

  9. Monica says:

    no i can't see TUO. i see my name only LOL!!

  10. GAGAY says:

    waaaaah! yeah!great school indeed!

  11. GAGAY says:

    LOL @not seeing ur name,only TUO!hahaha

  12. bluecrystaldude says:

    Dropping by! This is your University? Amazing!

  13. GAGAY says:

    yeah Haaziq,,university now in post grad..but i finished my undergrad in University of the Philippines.

    thanks enewei for dropping by!

  14. Vernz says:

    Gagay sorry ha! low techy mom, di ko kamao mangita sa imong email … akoa nalang pwedi!

    sorry dear ha!

  15. GAGAY says:

    no probs te vernz..

  16. Shantel says:

    The problem is in the Government. If they provide enough jobs for nurses here in the country with the right and fair amount of salary, these people will never leave the country.

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